What Adult Harvest Has Turned Out To Be In CCC Worldwide

June 29, 2022 / Olaiya / Give & Take / 1 Comment »

In CCC WW, the adult harvest season has begun. When it comes to all the necessary supplies for the harvest, some parishes are completely prepared, while others are still in the planning stages. What the Adult Harvest has evolved into today and why it is so unexpected.

Many shepherds have engaged in various wicked deeds to raise money for a lavish harvest festival in their church. To deceive the trusting, many have claimed to speak for God when he did not.

The frequency with which some churches ask for harvest donations from their members is reason enough for a member to leave the parish. A lot of people intend to take out loans from their banks to facilitate the church’s Harvest.

If I may ask, where do we acquire the idea that we should inconvenience one another at Adult Harvest and that parishes should go above and above to celebrate? This is completely improper.
Harvest should not be overvalued and should be appreciated for what we have.
Even while Harvest’s main goal is to feed the hungry, a period of sober reflection, a period where we genuflect that we all shall be harvested like fruits. it now includes many other, incomprehensible aspects.

What we are doing right now is a celebration, but in CCC, a shepherd would bring a Fuji musician to sing to their God and they would act out all kinds of wild things like dousing each other in cash, making it seem like the church harvest has changed into an owambe party.

Both the church and the world have unquestionably penetrated one another. In CCC, display, not harvest, is what we celebrate. The majority of parishes have forgotten the true meaning of Harvest and use it as an opportunity to raise money and sell useless spiritual things. It is past due for us to start over, yet given the prevalence of Rev. EMF misuse and misunderstanding, I am not shocked if you lack vision.
May the lord heal the church.


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One response to “What Adult Harvest Has Turned Out To Be In CCC Worldwide”

  1. Tayo Joseph Wolima says:

    The harvest ceremonies we conduct these days are mere fallacies before God. This is what I was told in my dream concerning our harvests ( A long dream but I will only bring out the conclusion)
    According to the Maleka that discussed with me that day, our harvests are created in order to prepare us for the banquet where Christ will meet and dine with the faithfuls. Unfortunately we have turned it from achieving the desired purpose by adding many carnal innovations. Therefore, what we have now is the harvest of ” The BRIDE WITHOUT THE BRIDEGROOM “.

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