What Authority? Authority My Foot! We Are All Authority!!! CCC Na Our Own

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Celestial AltaWhen they err, they always use an alibi to cover up their deeds. For almost 33 years that the founder of the church left, there is no single development you can point to that have been successfully executed except of course too many sup. Evangs., UK, America are the worst, virtually everybody is a Sup. Evang, the reason is simply because hard currencies have more value than the Naira.

Our shepherds have going astray, some have joined occult to aid the work of God, some even don’t wear their loins, and some have audaciously violated the constitution of the church with impunity. They are not talking because they themselves have soiled their hands (eni ti o ba ti je dodo, ki le so ododo). Our pastor is mingling with known Ogboni shepherds all in the name of getting honorarium.

The sheep too has gone haywire, they no longer see any future in the church, since those who are presently paddling the canoe of the church are full of corruption so they have decided to leave them deceiving and exploiting them the more.

They come on social media to say the only Bible verse they know “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”, but fail to remember the part of looking out for the sheep, the motherless and widows.

I ask you, have you attended to that poor family of yours or the ones on street that find it difficult to feed? Or that little boy with a hole in his heart begging for few thousands (a person) for an operation? Or students going to school without sandals or notebooks. What has the pastor or his aides done for them? But you come on my news site, wagging your tongues, condemning and threatening me that I against the authority, authority my foot! I am an authority too, everybody is an authority, anyone doing the will of God is an authority. CCC Na our own, make e no pafuka finish!

The truth you must all know is that your cup is almost full and the people will no longer take your position to be anything but nothing.

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13 responses to “What Authority? Authority My Foot! We Are All Authority!!! CCC Na Our Own”

  1. Olumide says:

    The problem we have is not that people don’t know the truth( not biblical truth but what is happening in the church) only that they fear dealth Eni sango ba ti oju e WOLE koni bawon bu oba koso mo and this is fallacy truth will always prevail.let me tell you if you fail to challenge them and take responsibility then they see you as coward and continue in their evil act, all message like hmmm, oju oluwa nwo yin etc won’t work. If I thief come to steel in your house and u happen to meet him or her on the road, will you just look at him or her and say hmmmmm, God will catch you one day, or you will risk your life by holding him and shout thief until people will come their to separate you their.continue pampering them o.me am a prophet I fear non of them only God and I respect them. They can’t remove one hair from my body except if the lord want and God dont do bad. The rod of the wicked shall not fall upon the righteous that bible verse is what gives me confidence.

  2. seyi says:

    Oju oluwa wo gbogbo wa

  3. Tomiwa says:

    It is only JEHOVAH dat can take absolute control of his church Frm all d JEGUDUJERA’S

  4. Sup. Evan. Akinleye O. A (JP) says:

    God is working on His church, very soon things will take a normal shape. Shalom!

  5. Prophet Dele says:

    You spoke the truth here and that’s why they are running hecter scartter about the good thing Pastor Rev BENI OMOGE wants to do to revive CCC since they refused to do it!

  6. Bro. Adelaja Ojudun says:

    It is a pity that CCC has now become what it is today, when I joined the fold some years ago, I marveled at the power in fold but nowadays anointment and rank is as simple as having your money and get whatever rank u wish not what you deserve. The genuine youths of this great church are watching elders pls watch what you do to the name of the church so that it doesn’t haunt u. I REST MY CASE

  7. Dr. Michael Odewale says:

    We need fresh oil, fresh anointing, fresh inspirations, and fresh power as of old for a church in disarray. The world and the Church is bedevilled with the spirit of confusion and acrimony.
    The vogue in the CCC today is Sup, and Prophets, leaders without clue, they equate their filthy voice with the voice of God. they speak the language of decedent. our leaders has no clue to that, how can they bite the finger that fed them? the Lord will still lift CCC up like feathers.

  8. Evang. Ade Oladapọ Oyenẹyẹ says:

    Exactly, exactly. May the Lord salvage Its Ship of Salvation.

  9. Snr. Evangelist Kunle says:

    Illiteracy and conservatism is one of our problems in this church. May God help us.

  10. Emmanuel smart says:

    Celestial Church of Christ is a church of covenat, if The Covenant of God never changed over the isrealites, celestial too wont change. There will only be a spiritual separation or extraction in this fold.. Everyone should watch there ways both elders and youths hymn 532: 2, 539:1, 330:3, 4.. The ship is overloaded with too many fake and unskilled capitans with self earned ranks and post all in the name that they want be gorgeously dress without with spiritual knowledge!. I pray for Change in this fold

  11. Ven. Seyi Fetus says:

    For the little I know about Tosho, that guy has nothing, the speculation about estate, filling station are all lies, Tosho has only one house @ Abeokuta which he is even yet to finish the payment. That guy no get kobo, Tosho dey suffer.
    Those enjoying and embezzling celestial fund should be made to vomit it. For Rev. E.F Oshoffa and his BOT very soon u will all hear the Koko.
    Pius who is fighting against Tosho today………were it not for Tosho and Larosh who would have known Pius ? And today he is the boss of Celestial church. Jah

  12. Snr. Leader Adejoro says:

    Am confused about CCC

  13. Michael Mobiyina Bilehou says:

    Authority or what? Which Authority? Celestial Church of Christ Authority or Factional (Ketu, Porto Novo, UK, US, Shinekan, Omoge, Lagun Adesanya, Orovboni or which Authority)?
    There had not been any pastor since the demise of Papa and there will never be until we hearken to the dictate of Holy Spirit throgh the Pastor Foindee before he departed this singul world – Leadership / Pastor is not by Heredity or Seniority but Spiritual Capabilities as deemed fit by God at HIS APPOINTED TIME.

    Why did Ketu step on the ordained authority of God through Pastor Founder to ‘impose’ Supreme Bada as the pastor? Do we not know that this was the beginning of ‘division in the house’?

    Why did Ketu refuse to accept bank transfer for proper accountability?

    What did Rev Emmanuel Friday (EF) Oschoffa need a signed blank cheque for?

    Where is the AUDITED ACCOUNT OF CCC?

    Where in the constitution does it state that ANOINTMENT FEES shall be for the ‘pastor’?

    Can EF Oschoffa defend his source of funds to build an ultra modern 5 storey edifice, Secondary Schools in Porto Novo and most recently Real Estate in Ogun State?

    Can Ketu give account of N20m donated by Baba Jolapamo towards Imeko?

    Why is it now that Ketu is levying the 70th Anniversary Committee members to source for N250m? Members to pay N250k while executive members pay N1m each.

    Can Olatosho Oschoffa defend the source (s) of his funds in his Real Estate business all around Lekki Ajah axis, with his petrol stations around Lagos?

    I rest my case for now

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