What Deborah Oshoffa Said About Late Prophet Maforikan

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Arewa Deborah Gbolasere Oshoffa Maforikan with ToshoEver since the demise of late Prophet  Suru Maforikan, a leader of a faction of the CCC, there has been series of debate and conversation about the ministry, life and times of the fiery Prophet, especially on social media. There are those whose views/opinion is for, while others are against, and some just choose to be indifferent to it all. One of the children of the late Pastor and founder of  Celestial Church of Christ, Rev SBJ Oshoffa, Arewa Deborah Gbolasere, took to her social media page to pay tribute to Baba Maforikan in her own right as an individual and member of the Church. For the benefit of those who do not have access to her page, this is what she posted;

Addressing Rev P.S Maforikan as a pastor doesn’t make him my pastor but a sign of total respect and understanding of the fact that the bible says no government is in place without d will of God. I personally never had a personal contact with him until few years ago when my mum told me, Rev Maforikan called her about incessant dreams of papa asking him to go meet Rev EMF, baba Maforikan did with all humility which most of our pastors and elders wouldn’t do. He was ready to put off d garment of pastorship for the unity of CCC. He earned my admiration. He had a passion for the unity of CCC …..For the sake of unification he ignored all threats and was present at my mum, MIC Elizabeth Oshoffa’s burial and gave a sermon devoid of malice and wasn’t judgmental .He ended his sermon with his favourite song…Cele yi ti gbogbo wa ni etc. I know one of his greatest regret is being unable to see a unified CCC. Adieu Rev Pastor PS Maforikan, u won my admiration.

Now this is not to castigate anyone or pick holes where none exist, Prophet Maforikan is a great loss to the body of CCC, and it is unfortunate that as much as he tried to make peace and bridge the gap between the factions that have taken root within the church, this effort of his did not see the light of the day during his lifetime. Nothing will gladden the heart of any well-meaning member, nor rest the souls of known staunch CCC leaders and elders who have departed, than to have a united Church.

Baba Maforikan as a player and witness to the happenstance that brought about the factions that have made the church seem like a secular body where everyone wants to lay claim of authority and superiority to the seat of Pastor, the departed leader and elder is no longer in the position to state his version of what caused the aggrieved members to leave the fold and aspire to become a parallel body to usurp the authority of the supreme headquarters, Ketu.

According to those in the know, not only did he try all he could to fester peace by making series of attempt to see Pastor Mobiyina, but some myopic aides attached to the Pastor as at then, either, to flex muscles or as a sign of vendetta, refused to grant him access to see and talk peace initiative with the Pastor.

Their reason though childish, is their unfounded perceived fear that the late Prophet was only interested in killing the Pastor, and not to talk peace moves with him. This few set of people showed that CCC and the goals of the Pastor /founder meant nothing as far as they are concerned. It can be recalled that in an interview granted sometimes back, Prophet Paul Maforikan, pointed out the folly in such belief and how shallow the thinking of Pastor’s aide then was, telling the interviewer that, were killing Pastor Mobiyina to be his motive, he needed not go to the Headquarters before that could be achieved, saying all he has to do was just to utter his wish and it shall come to pass ,because he did not stumble on his gift and prophetic ministry, it is heavenly ordained thus making him a prophet like the Biblical Elijah.

9 responses to “What Deborah Oshoffa Said About Late Prophet Maforikan”


    may his soul rest in peace,i love u grandpa.

  2. sebioloruntidamilare t baruwa says:

    hmnnnnnnnn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,am really sad with the state of celestial ,no single school to show the sign of blessing to d world through humanity to pple,we are to the fighting for number one and we never ask if God want us to be there or to rule the church ,im highly disappointed ,but i know God is here and he is ready to cleanse his c hurch

  3. Evang Tope says:

    It is well.Everyone needs to wake up to their responsibilities. The new generation Celestians should see the following as abomination: polygamist, fetishistic etc.Prayer is the key.So many churches criticise us.Let’s see Jesus as our pastor not anyone else

  4. Folashade Soetan says:

    Why now,pls let there be peace Celestial suppose to have only one head pastor why truste and diocese pls let there be love,Ife lohun Na Nke eje ka lo’ife Gege bi Iwe mimo to wi korinti kini ori ketala Ife lohun Na ko wa please oooooooooooooooo

  5. John Omoruan says:

    When celestial as a fold has many shepherds, how could anyone say with spiritual precision that a particular person is the only authentic shepherd? We must end these confusions and get real.

  6. Baba S. A. AKINNIRANYE says:

    Adan d’ori k’odo, o nwo’se eiye

  7. Sup snr ldr Samuel Adeyemi says:

    Let us unite now.One fold one shepherd.

  8. jojo says:

    everything is not about talking i want us to take action as a member of celestial

  9. Oluwafemi says:

    We don’t need to deceive ourselves with sweet talk, respect to the dead, but if you are still claiming my position and you want me to make a truce with you, wat type of truce is dat ? Gbogbo eni to lowo ninu idarudapo ijo mimo Ni yoo jiyin ise won ti won ba de orun. “…….Gbogbo wa Ni yoo duro niwaju Oluwa, atewe ati agba, a o si rojo wa…….”

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