What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos?

January 30, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 8 Comments »

TatooWhat is tattoo? A tattoo can be simply defined as the art of body ornament with the aid of needles and inks of various colours.

This art dates back to so many centuries before the birth of Christ; tattoo or body decoration in inks during that era was done by atheist and those who serve lesser gods. It was the practice then for this people to inscribe the names or images of their gods on their body. According to the laws of Jehovah, it is forbidden for the children of Israel to be decorated with one as they are God’s own chosen people. Leviticus 19:28.

In the modern era, tattoo is no longer worn for the same myopic reason for which it was done long before Jesus Christ, now the body art is being worn for various reasons and by believers and non-believers alike, some wear it as a rebellion, others to signify their independence, and some just do it to feel among and some as a reference material, denoting events and happenstance.

These body art has no place in our churches as the Bible categorically told us in Romans 12:1 “Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, If our bodies are meant to be nourished and adorned as a living sacrifice and temple of the most high God, then defiling it with any form of body art even cross tattoo is totally unacceptable in Christendom and particularly in Celestial Church of Christ where we are expected to fully comply with the teachings of the Holy Bible.

For those Celestial Church women and men who wear it all over their bodies, note this that heaven and earth will pass away but every word that has come out of God will never be amended. Before you subject yourself to those needles and inks, put God’s will and command before your own desires for He cares for you.

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8 responses to “What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos?”

  1. pro Lizzy Yusuf says:

    We hear or see what we want to according to how it favors or suits us, in d olden days due to wars and plaques we have tribal marks on our faces or inscriptions and names on our bodies so as to easily locate missing relatives. if u decide to go with tattoo in this age it speaks of your level of vanity be u do son or wife of the founder, Christ isn’t in u

  2. Helibles says:

    The author’s against it in christaindom in respect of church or denomination with references in the bible So why taking it personal.
    Thank you the author

  3. prophet kay says:

    Masiselo ma se wa isinmi maa furugbin oluikore nbo ,oju oluwai wo ise re awon malaika mimo nko won ,bo ba se rere tabi ibi ere ise re ni iwo yio gba.
    prphet oluwakayode new delhi.india

  4. Oba says:

    Beloved, this is getting personal and you are missing the point. Kindly address the issue reasonably and scripturally then you are edifying the body of Christ. Thank you.

  5. Temidayo Taiwo says:

    @sup. Evangelist. Ogunkanbi
    If u are a true Superior Evangelist that means u mst be a shepherd and its so disappointing that a clergy is making unreasonable comments like this.
    Would u as a shepherd encourage tattoo?
    And what as Benjamin Oschoffa or Omo oschoffa has to do with this?
    Must u mention names?
    And The writer said “Before you subject yourself to those needles and inks, put God’s will and command before your own desires for He cares for you”
    So dear Superior the choice is urs to tatoo ur skin or not 2
    I have a grandma that has her name written on her skin and with d looks of things
    That’s the fashion in dr own time
    What can we call that?

    • Sup. Evang, Ogunkanbi says:

      You are very silly to have talked to me in that manner, I am sure you are a nobody i the church, that’s why you can address me like that. Awon omo abiko gbogbo.

      • Mayowa says:

        E mase soro ibinu, ero buburu koda.

        With due respect, a true superior evangelist should always be led by the Holy Spirit and not reply all comment like an unbeliever. Halleluyah.

  6. Sup. Evang, Ogunkanbi says:

    what are you talking about here? Havent you seen many of your mother celestial putting tattoos on their breasts? or you dot see your shepherds with it. The MK or something you write about in India has too many in his body, na sutana dey cover am. Even the so called Omo Oshoffa, Benjamin Oshoffa, he has tattoos in his harm and so many of them. have you addressed all this first before talking in generality of the church?

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