What Killed Dr. Oladosu Omololu Will Shock You…Corpse Leaves UCH For Lagos

February 27, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 86 Comments »

Dr Oladosu Omololu omololuHe went into coma this morning and he has answered the heavenly call, Dr. Alexandra Omololu Oladosu’s early exit has left the church and most of his followers in shock. A reliable family member whispered to us that an ordinary COLD killed him. Though, he was a busy man with little rest. He was feeling feverish, we gathered, and had to be rushed to the hospital where he was breathing through the tube.

About an hour and a few minutes, he had his last breath. But, they said there is more to his death than what an ordinary mind can imagine. No one is ready to disclose what the matter is but a few people around his abode said ‘Ejo lowo nnu.’

Dr. Oladosu Omololu was an internationally acclaimed Bible Teacher, a renowned educationist, a chattered theologian, a professional counselor, a world crusader and one of the distinguished leaders of the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide.

At 50 something years, he had impacted lives, though, many people condemned his evangelistic ministry saying he abandoned most of the doctrine and tenets of the church and fashioned its style after Pentecostal but all that is history now as the owner of the soul has asked for it.

The remaining of his deeds here on hearth are written in the book of judgment where he will be answerable to his maker. We that are left behind should start building a bridge between heaven and earth because when we leave this sinful world, we should go to a place to rest and not to start another journey of destruction. May God reserve a home for all us in Jesus name! Amen.

Shortly before his death, Dr. Omololu, who was the visionary leader of Maranatha Pavilion Ministries International , received a global award for “Trans-formative Leadership” by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) May his soul rest in Peace!

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed to us that his corpse is already on the way to Lagos for befitting burial.

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86 responses to “What Killed Dr. Oladosu Omololu Will Shock You…Corpse Leaves UCH For Lagos”

  1. Adeola says:

    I dnt knw him but I wish he could wakeup

  2. joy says:

    aborishade you are not saying the truth the only truth is preaching about salvation that is the great commission not the doctrine amure or altar dont you know that a life of no good impact is a life of no value you have no value cos u are not impacting good things

  3. adesola says:

    Aamu olododo lo saaju ibi and for those talk about doctrine huuuum go and read or bible well we can not fight for good cos d way that seemth right in d sight of man may not in d sight of God Oluwa lo no ejoo da

  4. Segun Akinlaja says:

    Hmmmm.. This is shocking. Celestial church has lost a rare gem. Baba Omololu rest in peace. You have done ur great part and may God grant your soul an eternal peace…

  5. His Excellency says:

    What matters most in this world is the great impact we we impacted in the life’s of people around us. Doctor, we have touched so many life’s, u have made an imprint in celestial, you have raised so many people. You have changed the face of celestial and the way people looked at celestian that we don’t know bible, alot of people now see celestians in different ways. You ll be celebrated for life. Rest in perfect peace. Adieu

  6. Ola Alude says:

    RIP daddy Omololu Oladosu…….. what a great lost !

  7. Double 'D' says:

    His ministry and teaching was the platform for more than 80% vibrant ministers in the word in our Church; Celestial Church of Christ, except we wanna fool ourselves – we used to go there and learn. Atleast I know quite a number of sound ministers today who we used to meet there when Maranatha first started sessions at WDC Agege Pen-Cinema Lagos Nigeria – he inspired us we can do better than Churchism.

    I refer to his ministry as Mother Ministry…and ofcourse so it’s. His works live on, and our own lives too should also sublime, leaving behind a positive record in our generation, just like he addressed us this last Imeko December 2016 infront of Maranatha rented apartment behind Imeko Mercy Land.

    RIP Dr. Omololu Oladosu

  8. Kehinde G says:

    Please be informed, the key to eternal life is not in the Church you attend, it’s in Christ Jesus alone!
    Most those who call themselves Christians will go to Hell because they believe in doctrines of men but not Christ.

    Remember, looking on to JESUS…………{Heb. 12:2} Not Oshoffa, nor Moses Orimolade, not Adeboye nor Oyedepo but Christ and Christ alone

    When the message is centered on Christ, embrace it, when it’s not, reject it. Do not be centered on doctrine but Christ.

    To Dr Omololu A. Oladosu I say, RIP.

  9. evang Hephzibah babatunde otunla says:

    I don’t no what to say but rest in peace omololu

  10. Frederick Yusuff says:

    It’s such a shock to hear of his death, but God knows the best time of exit of his anointed servants. You played your role in the script as directed by the Almighty, you did your best,you impacted so many lives all around the world and people like us can raise our heads and feel proud to be a celestian and most importantly a Christian. Your mission was beyond doctrines or tenets alone but bringing people to the Lord in the real sense of it. Adieu Dr Omololu may the Lord grant you eternal rest at his bossom. Rest in peace.

  11. Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha says:

    Whatever kills a man remains “death ” and known to God who so willed it. He has lived his life to the best of his God given abilities. As long as he can’t return here again, let us allow him take his deserved rest with God.
    One day, we shall all answer our “calls “too whether early or late. May God bless his soul and comfort the families, friends, dependants, fans and church members he left behind. Rest in peace Dr.

  12. Dawodu O Joseph says:

    What a pain in the heart ,what a big loss,what a shock, what a ……………., your legacy still stands ,rest perfectly with the heavenly host. I pray that Maranatha continues to wax stronger .

  13. Ann asabor oladimeji says:

    Rest in peace my humble doctor how you died does not matter to me no one can question God,what matters yo me is how you lived your life,your impact to humanity, your words of wisdom,your loyalty intact Lee resting in the lord,we love you but God loves you more,you will forever be remembered

  14. Iyabo Akintola says:

    Dr.Omololu, your preaching was a food for soul.Rest in peace great icon.


    Who ever that did this should not live d earth,but know one thing u took an icon from celestial u will never be remembered with ur seventh generation…….. DR.omololu we love u but God loves you most may ur soul rest in peace,we will forever miss u……

  16. Arile Opeyemi says:

    We lost a gem. Your good works Continue to follow you. Dr. Omololu Oladosu, Rest in the bosom Of our Lord Jesus Christ. Till we meet at the lords feet.

  17. Sir Clement says:

    It is pity that pity cannot pity pity in the land of pity. may his soul rest in peace

  18. Pst Joshua OLUWOLE says:

    Please can someone link me to the family. We are secondary schools mates. Our group received the news as a shock. We will want to pay our last respect. Rest in peace my friend. 08034213416.

  19. Joshua OLUWOLE says:

    Please can someone link me to the family. We are secondary schools mates. Our group received the news as a shock. We will want to pay our last respect. Rest in peace my friend. My name is Pst Joshua OLUWOLE. 08034213416.

  20. kehinde Ebunoluwa CCC b4C&S now says:

    can’t still believe it, I pray he wake up now I want to believe he’s sleep. O Lord do it again

  21. Lizzy says:

    let’s nt deceive ourselves there is nothing like doctrine or church in heaven bt d bible is our standard b4 God,so @Aborishade & co check urself & live by d standard of God,try & be faithful to God & urself nt any man,Omololu has came & gone he really left a legacy death is inevitable whether we like it or not we shall get down at our bustop.Kila o Wii kila o so nigbati baba ba pe wa o pe omo siwo komabo wasiro ise owo re.

  22. Woli T ( Beulah) says:

    Erin woo, We lost a complete gentleman, preacher, teacher, motivational speaker, Giver, Donor, an Exposed and educated learner, finally a servant and Prophet of the most high God. Though, he’s life time and his calling was short in human sight but with a genuine CALL. it is a great lost to all we celestial members and to the entire Christians folds. I met you last @ CCC calvary parish 1,in October last year 2016 not knowing that we shall not see again until d judgement day. you came, saw, taught, fought, wrestle, and above all conquered the kingdom of Darkness. you really fought a good fight and Won.Adieu, Adieu and Adieu. Please keep me posted for his burial plans. Igi NLA woo. Omololu Oladosu sunre o.

  23. Woli Ifeoluwa says:

    May his gentle soul RIP

  24. Ajayi oluwasegun samson says:

    eja nla lo ninu ibn ose ajanoku subu lule kole dide eni nla lo ni ile yi akori mo Dr omololu oladosu sun re oooooo odi arin nako odi oju ala

  25. holy mikel says:

    may d soul of an i con Dr Omololu rest in peace.Aborisade nd Eniola u ve nt affect any soul .stop critiziin d innocent.

    Read ur bible nd get understanding of d word.

  26. Toby says:

    He was a true icon and a great leader in CCC. I keep thinking of the good time we had together in south Africa. I will miss you so much dad. Am still in shock up till now. @Aborishade pray for forgviness Bcoz doctrine or no doctrine Dr omololu is gone so if u have no heart atleast arrange small sense.

  27. kay. says:

    Aborishade or wat u call ursef,rememba the scriptures DAT says don’t judge the man of God,he has lived a fulfilled life.think about your own life wat will people says after you pass unto glory. U need to sleep and think very well.

  28. Jaiyesinmi Dare says:

    Let us congregate to do HIS will, by this, the heavenly crown waits us.

    Adios Omololu

  29. Mariam says:

    Gbogbo wa ni yio duro niwaju Oluwa atewe atiagba a o si rojo wa…………….@Aborisade Eniola please don’t judge GOD knows the best, people that have benefit from this man are saying Good about him Maybe that’s what GOD sent him. May his soul rest in peace AMIN.

  30. Evang. Peter Ogunyipe says:

    I never realize your reason to take extra time to stay unusually standing with me at CCC Ireakari Isolo Lagos during last year Adult harvest Programm and when you eventually left, I asked myself several questions that I can not answer
    Yoruba wipe ‘Iku t’o pani lemeso eye ni’ sun re lese Jesu“
    But we would not have you ignorant, brethren, concerning them that fall asleep; that ye sorrow not, even as the rest, who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also that are fallen asleep in Jesus will God bring with him.”
    ‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭4:13-14‬ ‭ASV‬‬

  31. Evang. Peter Ogunyipe says:

    Thank God for a fulfilled life, Rest in perfect peace

  32. Bishop Davies says:

    Rest in Peace for he lives a fulfil life

  33. Eboda O. Michael says:

    It’s painful he left so early. But surely we cannot question our creator. All thanks to God for he lived a fulfilled life. Rest in peace dad.

  34. Daniel says:

    This a great lost for celestial mostly celestial youths. May his soul rest in peace.

  35. Damilola says:

    Aborishade or wts do ur name again, if u had issues with his style, y didn’t u wk up 2 im wen e was alive n tel it 2 z face, or were u Dere wen God was giving him d assignment, e died n all u can say z ‘it’s a warning bell’, mst u pass comments? M a celestian of new m proud of im even in death.

  36. Sarah Adekoya g says:

    He is an exceptional expositor of the bible,l hate to miss his class, l always look forward to his teachings,when he teaches l feel it in my soul ,spirit and body,are we going to have such a great teacher again in CCC, l will miss him so much.Am so happy for him because he has fulfilled his purpose on earth, l pray when my time comes l will be fulfilled too.God’ s general sun re ,odaro sir ,my teacher.

  37. Queen mide says:

    Speechless! God knows more than we do….. Rest in peace doctor

  38. Oyeku Olukorede says:

    My heart bleeds when I heard about your sudden death.You came to our church in January and you promised to start the Bible college there and you did. You even promised to pay the tuition fees for everybody that enrols. Though you died at your prime but you died a fulfilled man. Who are we to blame God? We took solace that you have gone to rest with your creator. May your gentle soul rest in peace and give the family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

  39. omowumi olajide c/s member says:

    may his,soul R.I.P.Amen

  40. Sup Evang Austin Ben says:

    Sleep On bro Omololu……

  41. Balogun Kenny says:

    May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  42. Comfort says:

    It surprised me that some people are talking of doctrine here. They do not know our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is not interested in your so called doctrine because doctrine cannot take you to heaven. I am not a celestialian but I have gone to Maranathan several Sunday to increase my learning in the word of God.
    Well it’s not how he died that matters, but that he walked with God and was able to draw people to Christ. Doctrine or no doctrine. This people condemning his way of worship should ask themselves what they have contributed to the body of Christ! This is sad!

  43. ifeoluwa says:

    May his soul rest in perfect peace and may the lord Almighty be will everyone in celestial church of Christ worldwide Amen.

  44. Omotola says:

    My mentor and role model I was so shocked wen I had about ur death so painful to hear. May ur soul continue to rest in the blossom of God’s hands. Sleep in peace.

  45. TA says:

    Its a rude shock,I have never met him or been to his parish before,but I love one beautiful thing about his ministry,he teaches (sermon)well,musically I foh his choristers,their talents is a bam(am sorry am a redeem member married to a celestial ..maybe that’s why I like the kind of music his choristers plays)as for whether he didn’t go by the tenet of d church or not I dont this is d right time to start saying all that when its not as if ppl have been him to get a death sentence as a punishment for his style of worship smh…lots of people that believe in the ‘ilana thing’are chase fornicators,fraudsters,idolaters,frats…pls lets just leave that topic for now,pay your last respect to him by being nice with what we say.

  46. Kakpo sarah says:

    May his perfect
    soul rest in peace

  47. Dr. Orolu says:

    This is great loss. Rest in peace dear Dr. Shalom!!!™

  48. Imoleayo says:

    What a great loss. We will miss u daddy

  49. Aborishade says:

    Nobody should crucify me for my statement. In as much as I mourn with the family, the truth can’t go without be spoken. He didn’t have a Celestial Altar, he should have just gone to pentecostal and get his crowd. They all want to eat their cakes and still have them back, it’s not possible. This church has a format, that we should all follow and abide by it. Anyone who can not follow it should leave. Yes, doctrine and my belief in Christ Jesus will make me enter heaven. That’s all I have for all you Juju Ogbonimanian shepherds LIke you

    • Samuel says:

      I am very sorry for yhu

      • Samuel says:

        I’m sure yhu are not blind to see an altar behind him in that picture above, besides, ur condolences is what the bereaved family needs here, not yhur judgement, so its better to just shut ur trap if yhu’re happy he’s dead now.

    • tope says:

      Mr man am a member of the Maranatha choir,and at every fellowship at Maranatha he always announced it that “dis is a teaching ministry after d fellowship go back to your parishes to worship God”,and there is no alter there so its not a sin against d doctrine for female to preach. In your parish don’t female preach at seminar workshops or bible study?Maranatha ministries is teaching ministry impacting celestians and non celestains and to bring back all other members that have gone to other denominations.so pls stop judging and crucifying him…..rip doctor Maranatha vision will continue and wont die

      • Prof. Alaska says:

        Maranatha is not a CCC Parish but a teaching ministry where all christian can gather to fellowship. Seek for knowledge before you jump to conclusion on matters. Altar is meant in the church not in a fellowship centre.

    • oseid says:

      Abosharide you are such a foolish person at this age of yours. You are a disappointment to all who know you. You have just acted like a fool who you are. You said CCC has a format? You should have just said FORMULA. Idiot. Can you give a formular to worshipping and service God?.You new scriptural tutelage. #cow

      • oluyinka says:

        Is doctrinal issue the cause of his death? The church’s doctrine is there. But sir most of our doctrines sir needs to be amended.I stand to be corrected though. And talking about women preaching, is it s sin? Many women carry grace that some men can’t get so don’t shut them up. No wonder most of our shepherds still don’t know how to preach but keep preaching doctrines and giving historical events of Celestial when asked to preach on Sundays and that’s why Celestials are indifferent when it comes to the Word but always active when it comesto ISE. The only and acceptable doctrine is Love which is Jesus. Note and digest this, following doctrine won’t give u access to kingdom of God but believing in Jesus.

        My candid advise for you is this, study the scripture yourself and pray for understanding. Don’t let out shepherds feed you with what is not sound. Doctrine is good but only useful for earthly success not heavenly success.

  50. Falade Bunmi says:

    @ Aborisade remember imole ayo song which says eniyan ta bi ninu obirin ojo kukuru loni,ako ni sala faye yi sile,asan laye yi orun nile awa,e ma forun yo wa o.It is a debt we will all pay. Remember you can’t stand before only alter that you are holy in celestial church, that your ways of life in celestial church pleases God

  51. Olawoyin Olufemi Johnson says:

    What a great shock… I benefited in his ministry, may the Almighty God bless his soul and console the friends and family, RIP

  52. Falade Bunmi says:

    @eniola, I am not seeing u as a Christian for that statement.either we like it or not,we are all going to die. Omololu is gone,all of us can say something about him. What will people say about you when the time comes? Ijomimo emura edamure yin giri nitori,bi Jesu bade awa yio duro……..

  53. SAMUEL Ekundayo says:

    Aborisade and Eniola so u are both alive because u keep the doctrine of the church Abi?…….if you can not contribute something reasonable just walk away. Talking is not compulsory here.

  54. shine says:

    Gbogbo WA nii yi o duro niwaju oluwa……

  55. Moses David says:

    The dead shall rise again… Till we meet at Jesus’feet, good night..great teacher and father!

  56. Yeanca Ogunsanya says:

    Itz a great lost to CCC dat we lose 1 of d great Mentor nd teacher nd a reputable leader may his gentle soul R.I.P

  57. Prophet Dare says:

    wow,not good for cele ooooooooooooo

  58. Lana says:

    EnioLA and aborishade, is this what we are supposed to debate on at this crucial state of the family mournin a departed soul? May GoD Forgive You two

  59. Aborishade says:

    The truth you all want to hear from me is that he has not followed the doctrine of the church. Preaching without amure. Using the church in a way different from the calling of SBJ Oshoffa. Others following his step should start getting ready for the same journey. It’s a warning bell ooooo

    • Eniola says:

      Thank you my bro in Christ, the followers are blind folded , they turn their followers back to the doctrine of the CelestialChurch, they worship with out alter and women even preach. May his soul Rest In Peace

    • Prophet Yomi says:

      Is your Amure the key to kindom of God am C $ S prophet and doctrine part of Salvation. Close up before you face spiritual consequences. How killed should not die again. Instead to send condolences of keep quiet. Repent or face raft of God.

    • Daniel Adisa says:

      @Aborisade, seriously you and eniola need to be re baptized, with your comments here I’m not seeing both of you as a christian at all. All is well what ever you say that’s your own opinion but I want to ask both of you a question…. Have you done anything for your generation? We are all talking here because Dr Omololu has laid a good lagacy and impact lives before he passes on. If both of you die today, what will people say behind you? I don’t wish you dead though, you shall live to fulfil your destiny but leave all the judgment to the owner of the church. God almighty.

    • oseid says:

      You are just too callous and inhumane. I expect you not to die too when your time comes. What gives you the assurrance you wont die too any moment from now? Or you think you have power over your own soul or death when it knocks on your door too?. Can you count the nbr of people who follow the doctrines yet have died in their primes too?. Can you count the nbr of people who preach with Amure yet died in their primes too?. You are just being inhumane and don’t have human feelings. I see nothing in you but Hypocrisy. You are a hypocrite

  60. Horlanike Holajumorke celestina says:

    unmmmmmmmmm.. May ur gentle soul rest in peace

  61. Sis Elizabeth Numa says:

    My mentor,my preacher i miss u daddy i remember during september that u came to our harvest u discus wit me an my sis as ur children ,you are a gentle an meek man a rare gem .gudnite daddy

  62. OLUNLA APAESI I says:

    Dont know u buh pple talk gud things about u let me feel u r a legenf.. Sleep Well. Dr. Omololu Oladosu.. R I P..

  63. Prince Oyenubi Alexander Oyewale says:

    A great teacher of d word has joined d celestial angles. May his soul rest in pe

  64. Anisere says:

    What a life even the righteous and the wicked will go someday

  65. dhamilola Shobayo enitan says:

    Hummmmmm. Rip to u dr omololu oladuso

  66. Funmi says:

    A great inspiration n teacher of d word U were Pro Omololu. Sleep well..

  67. Pro Dayo says:

    I Cant Beliv Dis, But Is All Tru…My Teacher, My Vissionary Is Gone…Hapi 2 Pass 2ru Ur University Skool Witout Paying A Dine !

  68. Tosin says:

    Rest in Peace Dr Omololu Oladosu. May God give his family the fortitude to bear the loss. We love you but God loves you best. Rest in the bossom of Almighty God.

  69. Femi Gabriel Obinyan says:

    So sad Dr. Omololu left so soon. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  70. Supreme says:

    End of life sorjourn. he has play his part, he touches people live, win souls for christ. RIP DR

  71. Seyi says:

    Just a sudden death!
    May his soul rest in perfect peace!

  72. Temidayo says:

    Not again!!

  73. OluwatoPraise OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

    May Jehovah Almighty accept his soul and help we that are still in this horrible Market place, Keep to his way of gaining entry to Heaven on our last day to meet our brother at the new JERUSALEM…. Ameeen.

  74. Falade Bunmi says:

    Can’t still believe this, am I dreaming?can someone wake me up pls

  75. Emerald says:

    This is shocking.. Goodnight Dr omololu oladosu

  76. Femmy Destiny says:

    Celestial lost an icon

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