What Law Forbids Women Not To Wear Trousers In Celestial Church; God or Man’s?

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TrousersThis topic has created several issues in so many parishes yet none has come out to really readdress the issue. In one of the books of Moses, precisely Deuteronomy 22:5, it says, “A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord your God.”

Does Deuteronomy 22:5 forbid women from wearing pants? No, it doesn’t. In fact, clothing “that pertains to a man” at the time the verse was written would not have been understood to mean pants. Men in the Middle East through the history of the Old and New Testaments did not ordinarily wear pants, trousers or slacks; they wore robe-like garments. And in many cultures such as in some Asian countries, women have commonly worn pants. The scripture more specifically addresses and forbids transvestism and cross-dressing.

When my Shepherd sent a lady out of the church premises the last time, I seriously disagreed with him over his action. Where in the Bible did God prescribe PANTS and SKIRTS for mankind? It all balls down to the culture of a particular people. Will you then say that all Scottish people will go to hell? No way!

The underlying principle certainly applies to today. Men should dress in an appropriately masculine manner and women should dress in an appropriately feminine manner. Clothing manufacturers make pants designed for men, and pants, slacks and pantsuits designed for women. The Bible emphasizes modesty, and for women, slacks are often more modest than a short skirt.

God does not intend for this scripture to be understood in an extreme or unreasonable way. For example, it’s perfectly fine for a woman to wear her husband’s old shirt when she’s painting or to put on her male friend’s jacket when she’s cold.

And reading the constitution over and over again, I didn’t see where it’s stated that women should not wear trousers. Our women in Porto Novo feel so free wearing trouser under their garment that unnecessary expose of women’s private part that a lot of our Celestial Church women do in Lagos, Europe and America.

Tomorrow, we are going to update you with some pictures sequel to this story…all you have to do is to say Yes or Nay if that kind of dressing befits a Celestial Church woman.

5 responses to “What Law Forbids Women Not To Wear Trousers In Celestial Church; God or Man’s?”

  1. John Itunu Oshin says:

    Excellent! Even Papa Oshoffa approves women, putting on 3/4 three-quarter trousers under to protect their sensitive bodies, and also, anyone can slain in spirit anytime to make them roll on ground.
    Women are more smarter in movements, sittings and climbing steps, bikes, etc, when putting on trousers.
    It’s never a sin, and our constitution didn’t against it.
    God sees our heart, HE is going to judge according to the leverage of your heart.

  2. Abiodun says:

    Woahh, I so much appreciate the writer for sharing more light on this issue, I’ve been struggling on this issue for long but couldn’t reach an appropriate conclusion. I totally agree with you

  3. Franca Ogbomida Omeh says:

    I con-corn with this post, thank you for enlightening us because this subject matter has been raising dust . please sir i seek for permission to rebroadcast this post.

  4. Mowunmi says:

    I totally agree with this post. I mean, enough is enough of all this primitive orientations in the church. Even biblically, it did not state trousers or pants expressly. It says mens attire. Okay what dyu say about d latest ladies trend of putting on agbada and men’s native caps as traditional attires? In our culture that is clearly male attire n therefore contravenes d biblical injunction. As long as your trousers are not too clingy to portray indecency, it should be okay to wear. It actually covers your lower body more. It’s really embarrassing when some clergy descend so low to pick vehemently on girls who come to d church premises innocently in trousers, while they themselves are involved in several dirty acts like alcoholism n adultery….my thoughts…

  5. Superior Evangelist Barrister Olawole Famakinwa says:

    From a very long time I have struggled with the true meaning of this verse. Of course I would not wear a blouse, bra or skirt under any circumstances. The Editor here has covered a very large landscape in illustrating examples of women wearing clothes similar to men. This is very commendable research.
    My understanding has always been that it would be improper for a woman to wear the same garment that a man, be it her brother, father, cousin has recently adorned. I take off my t- shirt, vest or trousers and my sister now takes it and wears it. I am a man of ample proportions and it would not fit my sister, any way. Husband and wife, being one person would not be affected by this law.
    In the Celestial Church of Christ I assume that a woman would be wearing the trousers under her sutana. This would protect her modesty. I have also noticed a trend for prophetesses to wear slacks under their sutana so that their modesty is persevered in the event that they are in spirit and roll on the floor. This is welcome too.
    If a female none member attends the church in trousers, it would not be good to send her out because she is wearing trousers. She is not caught by this alleged prohibition.
    The wearing of trouser has evolved over time in different cultures. In Islam women are enjoined to wear loose fitting trousers as a sign of modesty. This is encouraged in Indian, Paskistan etc. In England and Europe, that I am a bit familiar with the extreme cold necessitates the wearing of trousers by our women folk under their sutana. Some women may divest themselves of the trousers in the women cloaks room if they feel that the church auditorium is warm enough to wear the sutana without the trousers.
    I believe the Yoruba culture is reluctantly waking up to the wearing of trousers by women. Our culture sees it as an invasion by Western culture. Not so. Wearing of trousers in our midst today is evolutionary. So long as it does not lead to promiscuity, lasciviousness or the woman starting to behave in a masculine manner. Parents of young girls start to encourage the wearing of shirt by their daughters when they are 4, 5 years old when the little girls have yet to mature to keeping their laps closed in public or if they are prone to play rough and tumble with boys of a similar age in public. This also protects the young girls from the prying eyes of young teenage boys who may want to take advantage and sexually abuse the young girl.
    Finally, the wearing of trousers by women is a personal choice for the woman. Let us not legislate for or against what a woman should wear. The church is a house of God. Men and women should appear modest and in moderate apparel before the Lord. Attires for parties, discos are not welcome in church. There is a time and a place for everything.

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