What Manner Of Family Is This?

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I am not concerned about marriage in other denominations; I am only interested about marriage in our church. A brother in the church saw a lady, with clear intention, professed his love for her and promised to marry her and make her mother of his baby. Months after his preposition, the lady got pregnant. Not knowing what to do, the lady rushed to her mother to reveal the good news, later to their Shepherd even before informing the brother who put her in family way.

The brother went to see the family, there he was asked what his next line of actions would be like and he said he’s responsible and would be tying the knot but his business was a bit down, but before she would put to bed, he promised to do the needful and bring his family to meet hers. Two months after this discussion, the brother, without the knowledge of the lady carrying his baby, got an American visa and secretly left the shores of the country, leaving the lady so devastated. The reason for his action, according to those he confided in was because a prophetess informed him before he traveled out that he had to be wary of the family he had chosen to pick a wife because of his future.

The father, for the shame the brother brought to his family, through diabolical means, affected the brother with the spirit of madness in America and he was brought back home as a mad man and currently at Aro where he’s believed to be responding to treatment. Now, the girl has since put to bed, a beautiful baby girl, and is telling anyone who cares to listen that, that punishment serves him right.

What manner of a lady is she or what kind of a family would want to do this to avenge an issue that would have been resolved amicably?

Do you think this family has acted rightly with their ungodly decision on the brother and their daughter’s baby daddy?

Your comment is much needed to heal a wounded soul at the moment!

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6 responses to “What Manner Of Family Is This?”

  1. sotola oluyinka says:

    May God help us, 1, marriage is only honorable when the bed is undefiled. Hebrews 13 vs 4. So they both made mistake in that aspect but no matter what, no man is allowed to fight for God. Using diabolical means simply tells us that they are not believers. They need to accept Jesus into their lives….. Please editor, relate the goodnews of Jesus to that family because their foundation is faulty and if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalms 11 vs 3.

  2. Maltida says:

    At Ann, have you forgotten that we knew u dated Michael Alonge friend whom you snatched from a happy home in conjunction with your collaborators lying on the mother of 2 kids and you found your way into the guys home and gave him a son? Where are you today again? The truth eventually released and now you dont even have a home to lay your head. Settle black kettle calling its neighbour black.

  3. Ann says:

    I see a lot of these people photos on their walls. Evangelist and prophetess who are not a couple always together like this. You guys should not be deceived, there is more to there closeness. Ngozi is married with kids, Michael Alonge has two kids from two women, none in which he got married to, and always having prophetess in his company, always cruising around town in his jeep and you guys are saying Ise Oluwa ntesiwaju. Hmmmm

  4. OluwatoPraise DARLINGTON says:

    That lady was very wrong for keeping the pregnancy away from Him. What has her Shepherd’s position in knowing her condition in the 1st place??? Your partner is the 1st person you owe the announcement of the Good News to before anybody, there she was very wrong.

    Am not judging here but he was wrong for following that so called message from the pit of hell which was the root caused of this madness in the 1st place.

    On no account should anybody DESTROY other God’s Hand made in the name of anger and revenge.

    What if they traveled together and the girl died there, will they kill the supposed Husband for taking her there???.

    May Jehovah Almighty touch the sick break his chain of oppression and pave way for him to a comfortable place in Jesus mighty name.

  5. coker says:

    Roman 12 vs 1- end says it all

  6. Emem Ojo says:

    A sad one there…… On no account should you fight for God. Vengeance is mine says the Lord…. Whatever happened to the Grace in the Strength of the Prayers of a Virtuos woman…. GOD Almighty owns all children, so the Family stands as ordinary caretakers…. Let them as for forgiveness from The Alpha and Omega…. Shekina Glory….. Jehovah God

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