What Married Men Should Not Do If They Want Their Wives To Be Submissive

January 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / Add Comment »

tawakalituThis was culled from one of the members’ timeline, OluwatoPraise Obatula, she has said the gospel truth and I hope every married man and single too will abide by this.

#RESPECT Her at all times especially in the Presence of your Family, Friends and Your Children. Never Shout, Insult or call her names before the above mentioned people.

#APPRECIATION Never buy your Wife’s Friend a Gift of any kind, no matter how small neither how close the Lady/Woman is to your wife, you have no right to do that.

#FOOD Never ever you ignore her long suffering kitchen efforts no matter how filled up your tummy may be. If frustrate woman when her effort is turned down.

#COMPLIMENTS Never ever compliment your Friend’s wife to her face in any manner of words. You are beginning to cook COLD food which you cannot digest on both sides, that of your friend and your Wife’s. Be extra careful here, compliment can be twisted to #FLIRTING.

#DISCUSSION Never ever discuss your Wife’s movements in Bed with your Best Friend. To you is a Compliment but you are exposing her to your Friend’s #TEMPTATION. Some men are such a #BASTARD they do not know how to control their mouth especially after few bottles.

That #Private Part you have ridiculed in public and still come back to climb has become a big #Curse upon your life. Be it your #Housewife or #Lover and believe me, no man born of a woman can cleanse you of it. #Nemesis which never dies will catch up with you! Be warned!!!

#DANCING We are not #WESTERNERS that knows how and when to control their 3rd leg. Do not dance too close or hold your friend’s wife hands sir. Mr #JT knows no shame.

#PHONE #CALL, Never Ever Call your Friend’s wife for a Friendly greeting or send the message through her husband phone to your friend.

#HELPING #HAND do not turn yourself to man of all purpose in your neighborhood. PRACTICE that with the licking tap in your Wife’s kitchen.

#ACCUSATIONI Before you accused your wife of infidelity, call her names, ridicule her in private and public, BE 89.9% sure of your saying least the shame will swallow you up in the end.

#infidelity is a big curse on 99.8% of men. Syphilis, gonorrhea and their father aids is real. Do not forget to use #condoms. they have them in every corners now also in any flavors and texture of your choice, and will cost you just few coins more to get that flesh to flesh feelings you cannot do without.

Remember few minutes of enjoyment can destroy many lives, which could leads to everlasting sorrow. #YeyeOlomoPlenty #JesusBabe1luv #CARES FOR ALL.

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