What Our Shepherds Should Do Regardless Of Their Background

November 26, 2022 / Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

Many people in Celestial Church are unaware of what a shepherd is. Some folks don’t even know what a shepherd is; all they know is that they have one in their parish.

True shepherds are not petty people; rather, they are men of dignity and moral character. Unfortunately, many people lack these crucial characteristics of service. Additionally, it has to do with one’s history, origins, and identity. In the job, discretion is crucial, especially when addressing delicate topics that have a personal impact.

Many shepherds in the church have very poor backgrounds, and it shows in the things they do. A good parish will know how to conduct itself in its affairs, not only about harvest but about other things that are relevant and important to the church and the parish.

These Ebilende (hungry shepherds) are the majority of the shepherds who give us a bad name and reputation. I never chop shepherds; they can be very desperate for anything.

Despite coming from disadvantaged homes, some shepherds succeed in their parishes and never think about the outside world, no matter what challenges they may be facing at the time. This, in my opinion, is related to personal differences, exposure, and spiritual connections. Poor upbringing is not a reason for ministry failure.

We have some shepherds who are dedicated to their calling. These people are church planters, they don’t care about world acquisition or title. Their lives and times are centered on the Kingdom project and not some jegudujera. Not some gluttons who claim to have worldwide authority, people who are only interested in having money, more money, and everything money while they remain in the dark!


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