What ‘Prophetic’ Messages About ‘Don’t Marry A Light Skin Lady’ Has Caused In CCC

June 26, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Youth Arena / 4 Comments »

So many accurate spiritual messages have been given by some Prophets in Celestial Church but when it comes to marriage or choosing a life partner it is another aspect entirely to go into. And it is an avenue any spirit-filled prophet to be cautious of dabbling into

This series of spiritual messages being given by some Prophets about ‘don’t marry fair-skin or light skin ladies’ have derailed many relationships and have hindered many to get their future wives in the process because of simply hearing from the ‘Lord’.

Some prophets will even say marrying a light completion lady will cut short their life span. Obedient youth in Celestial Church have lost so many suitors or potential wives due to the spiritual messages by their so-called prophets.

Of course, no one is condemning making consultation when about to choose a life partner but anyone who is towing that line should be extremely careful and be in spirit too so as not to be misled by the spirit of deceit not to get married to the right person.

Should we say light completion ladies in the church are from the spirit world or possess by evil or marine spirit? No, not all, such messages that are not divine based and that have denied many women in Celestial Church to get their choice husbands should be disregarded in their entirety.

Light completion ladies are also creatures of God and note that it’s not a crime to be light or dark-skinned. Being light skin doesn’t mean they’re all possessed by an evil spirit. Fake prophets in the church should stop speaking when God has not spoken. Too many liars claim what they are not in CCC. It is indeed shameful.


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4 responses to “What ‘Prophetic’ Messages About ‘Don’t Marry A Light Skin Lady’ Has Caused In CCC”

  1. Exalt says:

    It is high time we built ourselves to level where we can communicate with God directly and not always through human beings, we can all be prophets if we are dedicated to the will of God

  2. Oto says:

    That is why you need to ask questions, when you are giving such messages

  3. Tayo Joseph wolima says:

    In my own opinion, they are all “bandwagon” messages like many others and very unfortunate. Our Prophets should take their time to receive in-depth messages from God, especially when it is a life defining one as marriage matters.

  4. Sunday Ogundare says:

    I was given such message I rejected it.and go tho God Himself in prayer.to asked for Grace to married a fair lady.I went back to same prophet and complaints about the message. He told me to go and pray for grace……let us wake up

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