What Rank Is Suitable For A Member Who Spent Years Without Anointment?

August 14, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Code Of Conduct / 1 Comment »

There are many brothers and sisters in Celestial Church of Christ who have not gone for anointment for once, for the major reasons best known to them.

Some have spent more than twenty-five years in the fold with no rank, and some were even born and brought up in the Celestial Church but with no ranks. The rate at which many shepherds honor such a category of people with higher rank is so disturbing and confusing.

How can a shepherd overlap the beginner ranks and give a superior rank to the person as compensation for being in the fold for a long time without anointment? Since the first anointment will be an Elder brother or Elder sister according to the Celestial Church standard. The brother or sister should be given the elder brother or elder sister rank.

Do we say shepherds that give higher rank to such people are doing the right thing or wrong? What rank should a brother or sister who has been in CCC for more than twenty-five years and decided to go for anointment have?


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One response to “What Rank Is Suitable For A Member Who Spent Years Without Anointment?”

  1. Concerned Citizen of CCC says:

    They MUST still collect that 1st step of Elder Bro or Elder Sis. It’s vital because elevation comes with added responsibilities in which such a person usually would not have been burdened with even though they had previously been in the fold for 20yrs or more. Therefore it is highly dangerous for too much responsibilities to be put on one’s head all at once. I’ve seen many like that given Evangelist or L/S/S/E/S as first Anointment…… it usually leads to such either leaving the fold completely and pointing accusating fingers at the church, while for sum it lead to untimely death!!!
    Shepherds please do the correct thing by upholding the doctrines of CCC as mandated in the letter of appointment given to you to act as pastors representative and custodian of tenants in the parish you preside over!

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