What Stops The Implementation Of The London Unity Conference Communique? (Bromide)

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It was shocking when I got through an archive of one of the top members of this church yesterday and I stumbled on this communique of the meeting held almost two years now where the church leaders deliberated on how to move the church forward at the Unity Conference held at Elephant And Castle, London on Saturday 31st October, 2015 where it was resolved that the attached Memorandum Of Understanding would be adopted.

Two years down the lane, the content of the document is yet to see the light of the day. My question now is what has delayed its implementation? How soon are we going to channel a cause that Communique 1 Communique 2 communique 3 Communique 4will restore our old glory?

What do you think could be the likely problems here to have warranted its delay for two years? How soon is it going to be implemented or enforced not forgetting that other atrocities that members of the church commit that are detrimental to the image of the church?

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  1. seyi says:

    Where are will going in celestial church?

  2. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    In fact, the truth is bitter. Anything contrary to the above MoU is a waste of time and energy. Most Celestial members are aware that UK/Northern Ireland Diocese is the “nucleus” of Celestial Worldwide. Unity from that end will trickle down and have dominoes effect on all other dioceses of the church thereby creating desired and anticipated Unity. Do you know that Pastor Adeogun (Baba Sakete) of the Benin Republic Diocese still upholds his respect in the UK as before? If UK could unite, it will be easy to see how to get Baba Sakete to uphold the interest of ONE INDIVISIBLE CHURCH, we all joined and are hoping to see again soonest. It was the influx of Shepherds from Nigeria to head parishes here that created the division. A Shepherd alleged to have mishandled his parish and parishioners at Ibara, to the extent of going to Eleweran Police Headquarters in Abeokuta, made to testify and defend the allegations at Imeko and unfortunately published by the ALAROYE newspaper is still allowed to continue ‘feeding God’s flock’? What will he do to them?. To worsen the case, he is even now in London by the express permission of a very senior member of church to head his parish here in London.
    Ketu’s administration is total a shame to humanity and it’s profession.
    My Sup Evans (Barr) Famakinwa, please watch out. Do not allow them to soil your good records with ‘ if you can’t beat them, join them’ philosophy. That is their aim of making you the Secretary of the 70th anniversary committee. To shut up your mouth but remember, you are there for a rightful God’s purpose. Going through your profile, I could see that you are an MPIC, IMC and now Secretary to 70th Anniversary Committee. Moses was in Pharaoh’s house for a purpose. God saves His people. Amen

  3. Sup. Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    Thank you very much. I was the Coordinator of the London Unity Conference. The Communique was read out by me at the end of the Conference. The document you have shown was prepared by me. The Conference was successful to the extent that it brought all the different factions of the CCC together in the UK. All these leaders continue to work together as the Council of Elders. I am a member of the Council of Elders. It meets every month at CCC Elephant and Castle Parish under the able Chairmanship of Superior Evangelist Julius Sebioba.
    Some of the reason which have impeded the full implementation of the Communique are the following:
    1. None inclusion of members of the Unity Conference Planning Committee in the Council of Elders. A lot of men and women gave up time, money and their integrity to plan and sustain the vision for the Unity Conference in London. I was the only person invited by Baba Sebioba in the company of Superior Evangelist Gbolahan Oshin to plan the Conference. To God be the glory after many months and 2 Stakeholder Conferenced the Unity Cinference came and went. However, when the Council of Elders was formed it was without the involvement and notice of the Conference Planning Committee who are the moving spirit and the momentum behind the scene. My inclusion in the Council of Elders was an after thought. From here on the agenda changes and the initiative hijacked.
    2. I have attended a few meetings of the Council of Elders. I now live in Ibadan, Nigeria. A lot of time and money was spent in rewriting the Communique! I objected to this. Why rewrite and dilute a clear and comprehensive document written in plain English which reflected the views of the signatories thereto. The new document that was later produced had no resemblance to what was agreed at the London Unity Conference and none of the leaders endorsed it.
    3. The Communique was supposed to be included in every Harvest Programme in the Diocese subsequently. It was to be read in full every Sunday service as part of the Parish announcement. This was not done. Some of our fathers were concerned that the admonitions contained in the Communique about mode of dressing, tattoos, spraying of money in Church would affect their individual Parish. Personal interest was put above reorganisation of the body of Christ. Reading it in the Parishes and including it in Harvest programmes would have been wide and free dissemination of this timely information.
    4. During and after the Unity Conference I was reported to Pastor Mobiyina Oschoffa as leading a group of Elders who do not recognise him as Pastor and that I was disloyal to him. This malicious information was widely circulated and allowed mischief makers to try and discredit the efforts of the Unity Conference Planning Committee. I had the opportunity to respond when this lousy woman repeated this ludicrous claim to His Eminence
    Pastor Mobiyina Oschoffa at a subsequent annointment exercise in London. It may interest you to note that His Eminence the Pastor recently wrote me a letter appointing me to be a Secretary of the 70th Anniversary Planning Committee in Nigeria.
    5. As a result of 4 above Venerable Superior Evangelist Olusegun Olarinde strategically avoided further meetings of the Council of Elders. I do know however, his absence was more to do with his relationship with Assistant Venerable Superior Evangelist Amos Olabode Fatusin. However, Baba Fatusin refused to attend the Council of Elders meeting to implement the Communique
    as he claimed not to have attended the Unity Conference and did not sign the Communique. The video, photographs and his signature indicate his statement to be untrue. I agree that notwithstanding several pleas he did not support the convening of the Unity Conference in London financially. In effect, the HODs from the Oschoffa side of the CCC in London sabotaged the implementation of the Communique. I remember a meeting of the Council of Elders where the agenda was about sending a delegation to our recalcitrant elders to plead with them to attend future meeting. In the meeting I said they were only 2 people of a large body and that the Council of Elders should move on without the 2 men. I stated further that the Diocese they lead can recall and remove them, if they were inimical to progressive ideas.

    I strongly believe that the Communique is not dead. It came ahead of its time. In time, very soon men and women of God with the fear of God and live for the Unity of CCC will read the document again and implement every single line of the intentions of those who signed the document. It is the will of God.

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