What Would Be Your Reaction? (A Must-Read Story)

February 10, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 6 Comments »

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You met and dated a girl when you were in the university, she was a virgin when you met her, and you both agreed not to have sex until your wedding night. The both of you graduated but were jobless for four years. However, after many years of suffering, she later secured a job for you in one big company where you were paid over £9,000 per month.

Things were going well with the relationship and you finally proposed marriage to her, she accepted but after few seconds, tears start rolling down her cheeks. You asked her what the problem was; she said: “Am sorry love, I am no longer a virgin i gave my virginity to your boss before he accepted to employ you in his company. That was the only condition he gave me before you were employed or you remained jobless.”

Assuming you are this guy, what will be your reaction? And for the ladies, can you do this for love? Pls Its a topic for discussion..

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6 responses to “What Would Be Your Reaction? (A Must-Read Story)”

  1. Annex esther says:

    As a girl and I really love my husband to be, I will but if he says he won’t marry me again…Good and fine but I will let’s him in dat 99.9% of my mate r no more virgins nt to even sacrifice, and I will try to move on with life

  2. Optimuspryme says:

    Honestly she has tried, and on the other hand she shouldn’t have gone that far… All the same she’s welcome on board… Oju Ni o n ri oju saanu

  3. MK Kenny says:

    The deed has been done.. I will feel bad though but on the other hand I will thank her and then tell her never to try that again.

  4. Onward Kunle says:

    Was that the only option in your life to secured a job, at what age read “Isaiah 40:31

  5. Temidayo Taiwo says:

    God forbid it but if Iam the guy. I will wipe her tears and say THANK YOU although I will be heartbroken and feel dissapointed @ first , God knows I will vibrate bt I will go ahead and marry
    Shit Happens in Life

  6. Evangelist Anthony Oyagha. says:

    She did that for your love and for you to get the job though that mistake and rush could have been avoided with prayers. My take is, please go ahead and marry her. She has sacrificed for you and showing her this much needed love and understanding is not out of place. That secret should remain with both of you and it should not affect the intimacy between you both.

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