What You Have Failed To Know As CCC Members About Article 108

June 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 7 Comments »

Stagnation Effects Of Article 108 Of The Constitution To Celestial Church Of Christ

I was flipping through the amended copy of the ‘Constitution’ (Blue Book) of the church which has been condemned by the law to be an ordinary History Book and I can realize that the power arrogated to anyone who will be referred to as a ‘Pastor’ after the late Founder, Papa SBJ Oshoffa is so enormous that the followers will perpetually remain ‘Zombies’ while the honey and milk of the church will strictly be shared amongst a caucus.

I didn’t study law, those who study law and are competent in their field should interpret this section of the constitution to us in layman English for better understanding of all and sundry.

“The Pastor as the ultimate Spiritual Head of the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide shall be vested with the sole ultimate and unchallengeable (Only God has such powers) authority on all matters affecting church life, be it planning, organisation, doctrinal standards and the spread of doctrines, education, legislation or discipline, the provisions of this constitution notwithstanding….”

Don’t you think that aspect of the constitution should be trashed, and a more practicable one be put in place, such that the fundamental tools will make it mandatory for the occupier of the stool of the  ‘pastor’ become answerable to the ‘Senate’. That’s what a proper church should be, and not as we have it presently, growth can never be achieved without some core fundamental changes, the Church itself is bigger than the office of the Pastor, hence, there is the need for those saddled with the administration of the affairs of the Church to endeavor to put the interest of the Church and the people under it first ahead of that of the office of the Pastor, after-all the office of the Pastor is that of service to God and man.

As far as we know, we really don’t have a constitution yet, according to the pronouncement of the court, ever since the time of Papa Bada the emergence of anyone to the position of a pastor is fraught with anomalies and thus null and void in the eyes of the law and by extension the court, yet our beloved church, the supposed ‘giant’ is yet to wake up to reality.

So, anyone who brags with this history book as a reference to back up for his office is only making a clown out of himself because this Blue Book has been relegated by the only recognised constitutional authority, that can mediate on issues which is the court, to a mere History Book.

If you love your church, share this article to every nook and cranny of the church.


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7 responses to “What You Have Failed To Know As CCC Members About Article 108”

  1. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    I wonder the kind of a woman or wife this Madam Janet will be to have imagine someone’s husband is so daft in thinking. And you think you are so wise to express such language here. I doubt if you are a christian or a true Celestial.
    E ma se soro ibunu ero buburu ko da…
    Be careful with what you say, you might be waring against God by that manner of expression.

  2. Janet says:

    John oluwa gbenga adeniyibis so daft in thinking, I can see him to be a foolbn blind following blind with your submission

  3. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    Many of us are so troubled with thone things I see as not necessary. Why not focus on your personal problem and let the church be in peace instead of putting burdens on your head by rebelling against authority. Romans 13 taught that God is aware of every authority and why are we so worried about God deciding people He as placed at the place of authority?
    Do you truthful work in the church and if you cannot stand it, leave the church than to keep disturbing yourself and discouraging faithfuls in the church. The purpose of the church is for edification, encouragement etc. Ephesians 4.
    E ma we owo fun arayin pelu dapo o mimo…..

  4. Igbekele says:

    My prophet Goke, not that they don’t speak the truth, they don’t listen to the truth, that is the major problems we have and the so called Mibiyina is surrounded with enemies of the church, it’s a pity that he can not see, maybe that’s one of the things they ate using against him. I am sure if he reads all this, he would have left the throne since or do the needful. A lot of our leaders are blind, though they have eyes, they can not see.

  5. Adebare Tiwa says:

    This church is full of issues. It’s like a spirit is driving the leaders and they are just misbehaving. I thing they are re cursed because the seem to want to hold to power and it should be service to God, the rate they are all fighting for it simply means that there is something in it they are fighting for. And not that they have any power, ori nary headache they can not cure. They are shameless set of people. How I wish I had the power or a man to ascend that throne, they will all be rusticated

  6. Alagba Alonge Samuel Sunday says:


  7. Prophet Goke Abiodun says:

    This is detailed. The truth about our church is that people are afraid to speak the truth. And they have failed to know that the only thing that can set them free is the truth. God bless you for sharing this. I will share it too. Celestial youth should not just sit down snd be writing nonsense on social media, be constructive like this guy.

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