What You Need To Know About Jerimoyamah

July 22, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / ARTICLE / 1 Comment »

Many preachers and evangelists have talked about the word Jerimoyamah in the Celestial Church of Christ but until now most Celestians are not satisfied with the answers given to them.

One of the answers is that Jerimoyamah is just a divine name given to the Celestial Church of Christ that denotes the beginning and the end of a service.

It is said that Jerimoyamah is also chanted during a naming ceremony proceeded by the Psalms during the naming in the church.

According to the CCC Hymn 1, we observe two things, the host angels were full of joy and praised God with joyful songs. Why were they full of joy and to whom were they given praise? Psalm 16:11 In the presence of God, there is fullness of joy.

It was through a Facebook page that we got a response saying, “we sing jerihmohyahmah whenever we are going into the presence of God for the first time and leaving. Who then is Jerihmohyahmah?”

He further explained that in the CCC Hymn 133, Join me in giving thanks to Jerimoyamah whose covenants and promises are fulfilled etc. that we are giving thanks to jerihmohyahmah that it seems it’s a person we’re referring to, who fulfils covenants and promises.

It means God is the initiator, establisher, covener, and fulfiller of a covenant. He is called Covenant Keeping God. Only God fulfils promises and establishes covenants and brings them to fulfilment.

He made a covenant with David and many in the Bible. He made a covenant with SBJ Oshoffa therefore, Jerihmohyahmah is the God of covenant and promises, and also the new covenant in Christ.

Who are we to give thanks to as seen in hymn 133? If not Jehovah and his Son, Jesus Christ. Jerihmohyahmah is God and Christ.

He concluded that Jerimoyamah is more than the beginning and end of the service, Jerimoyamah is God in the fullness of glory and joy, and it is the God of celestial who makes and fulfils covenants or promises.

The essence of Jerihmohyahmah is to envelop us in the heavenly presence where the angels praise God, and sing joyful songs to him at all times.


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One response to “What You Need To Know About Jerimoyamah”

  1. Chris . A. Ogbaisi says:

    Well said…Jehovah called himself several names to further display his omnipotent and his greatness both in heaven and earth . That is the secret name given to Celestial church of christ just has revealed Jehovah to Moses .

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