What You Need To Know About Normal Sunday And Harvest Sunday In CCC

July 30, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Order of Service / Add Comment »

There are people in some parishes that only come to church during harvest or any other functions in the church but neglect Sunday services. Do you realise the weight and size of what an uninformed person is doing to themselves?

A harvest Sunday is very different from an ordinary Sunday. When they attend church services on harvest Sunday, many people believe that their blessing is almost certain. However, let me shock you and tell you that your way of thinking is completely incorrect. In the CCC, regular Sundays are more important than harvest Sundays because, on harvest Sunday, the angels who descend during harvest only come to observe our behaviour while the majority of us go to the harvest to eat, drink, and wine.

But did you know that we only enjoy the harvest’s blessings after it has been harvested? The benefits of the harvest appear after the harvest after your behaviour has been scrutinized and you have earned the benefits.

I feel sorry for individuals who refuse to attend church after the harvest because they reason that it has already passed.

The angels that descend during harvest only come to check and observe our conduct, whether good or bad, before the blessings can be delivered to us by our deeds and actions on harvest Sunday, so you must make sure not to get angry, be happy, participate, and above all, fulfil all your promises during harvest.

Harvest Sunday is not as significant as other Sundays. Attend church every Sunday. You never know which Sunday will see the arrival of yours and my blessings. In the name of Jesus, we won’t miss our benefits.


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