What’s Up Destiny Parish, London Shepherd? (Photo)

June 12, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 18 Comments »

As individuals we are all expected to be ourselves, to be proud of our beliefs and should be like a light to other people coming behind us. If we lead under the light and radiate and reflect same, the people coming right behind us will effectively see clearly and thank us for showing them the way. As a mentor to many, and a light to others, it’s good to lead by example.

What we want the mentees behind to see and believe is left in our hands to decide. If we are not radiating under the right light, then it becomes a no brainer that the people coming behind us whom we are supposed to be responsible for will either go or be led astray, because the light and image within their view is blurred.

This is the photo of one of our shepherds, Prophet Yemi Sonubi of C.C.C Divine Destiny Parish, London, UK. His mentor was late Prophet (Dr.) Samuel Akin Adewole, the very powerful Shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ, Opopo Igbala Parish, Ikola Road, Ipaja, Lagos.

Although, we are humans, we are not angels, in the case of this man of God, he’s supposed to be a torchbearer for the people he’s leading. He supposed to be a pride and be proud of whom he is as a shepherd and flaunt Celestial Church of Christ’s logo in everything and anywhere he goes. But flaunting it in this manner, no doubt, will cause a misconception which has the tendency to become a big issue.

The people you are projecting that logo to may perceive it the wrong way, and this will make your followers and others watching from afar to see this act contradicting the word of God in Leviticus 19:28. “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.”

I am not condemning you sir, no one is a saint, I am only advising you as a member of this glorious church on what we should do and what we shouldn’t do for the emerging generation to emulate.

Halleluiah !

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18 responses to “What’s Up Destiny Parish, London Shepherd? (Photo)”

  1. Ibironke says:

    Is tattoo the issue in celestial Church now i dont think so, yes tattoo is bad but we see even oshoffa children n wife with a big cross tatto at her neck what do we say, a whole lots of high rank celestial members you see them with it n also bleaching there skin is the in thing now is a trend in celestial pls leave this man alone. Alots is wrong in ds church is only Jehovah can amend things,

  2. Akinsola damilare says:

    This is nothing but rascality.i saw a comment where someone says ‘do not judge a book by his cover’ and I dare say that the commentator should also know that ‘the way you dress is the way you will be addressed’.for example what will a layman who doesn’t know the celestial logo call this.Please tell me,can you proudly call this refer to this man as your shepherd in the face of the public with this kind of appearance.It is because we always try to be economical with words,or better still look the other way round on issues like this,that is making scoundrels like this bolder in their despicable and reprobate attitude.This without equivocation smacks off lunacy and it’s unbecoming of a shepherd that it’s worth his salt.We all must in one voice condemn it if truly we love this church.

  3. Henry Sonekan says:

    Have you all sit down and think with your shallow brain that he was seen taking coffee during Summer, and not beer? Do you expect him to wear Agbada ? The author may be right in advising him but he did it wrongly. So castigating him automatically gives him booster dose. If I did tattoon my body before becoming shepherd? Do you mean that I am an abonable being before God. What happened to Babalawo who eventually accepted Christ in their life having series of incisions around their waist and seen during stream bath? So also around their wrist? What do you say to that?

  4. Babatola Iyiola says:

    Even if he had done this before he fully devoted his life to the ministry, it doesnt worth flaunting now that he leads a congregation. Have we forgotten that making marks on your body is not acceptable before God?
    To those that defends him because he is their friend, you are not helping him and the followers. it is clear that you support making tattoo when God already said you shouldn’t.

  5. Revd.Oluwasegun David Awonoussy says:

    Yemi Sonubi is my true and real friend, I won’t join any dissidents in pretense, He has his social life to live and doesn’t warrant errant nonsence comments. He is 100% better of than Fraudsters who preaches and does evil in corner. He always boasts of that Tatoon before his call to serve as a true Oshodi-Mushin guy, before apostle paul was arrested by Holy spirit, we all knew whom he was then to Christians. So Yemi Sonubi, you aren’t a pretender, Relax and keep on with your good evangelical word. Bringing this out strengthens us more of the persecution a true divine child is bound to face in life. He is the current chairman of Evangelism. Seen taking coffee unlike other Occultist and masquerades in garments. I stand to emulate your attack spiritually on all witches and wizardry.

  6. Talia Rose says:

    Atleast he is showing his true self. He is not pretending like most people, who will do unspeakable things behind closed doors. Do we know when and why he got that tatoo. If the author wanted to advise him, he should have spoken to him in private. What the author did was to humiliate him in public in my own opinion.

  7. Ayomikun Awuto says:

    Most of us dat av commented av already cast stone on him…insteaded of saying same word of Jesus Christ to d prostitute dat go nd sin no more..

  8. Anuoluwapo says:

    Heeeheeee….orisirisi….smh and clapping for you. The thunder that will fire some so called anointed men is still doing press up….just passing my own jejely oo…n if you have an issue with my comment, ……I’m in my house, come and beat me….

  9. Omo Cele says:

    I understand the writer but you have to also understand that the tattoo might be old way before his calling. Sometimes, God, himself will let you go through certain things in life so you can preach or talk about it to the sheeps you leading . I had a tattoo when I was 18yrs, at 25, I had a laser remover to clear it off stlll not fully gone now at 38 but am able to talk about it with my kids or certain friends or co- worker abt the negative side of getting a tattoo. ?. The knowledge and relationship I had with God as a teenager then was difft from the one I have now.

  10. Bro. BADEMOSI Adedipo says:

    Pls Brethren,let us read this with humility and fear of God. The writer is not persecuting him rather he is advising him & we all about what God & the Bible is kicking against. Don’t forget ,God is not respecter of man but HE honors HIS WORD more than HIS Name,that’s to sey,God doesn’t care or respect you or him if he is a pastor,prophets,shepherd,Christian or Muslim etc..pls let us all Fear and Respect the WORDS of GOD..

  11. Bola Areh,Omo Baba Jerimoyamah. says:

    What does his tattoo have to do with his calling, Olusho Yemi,is a true and good prophet and a great revivalist.Don’t judge the book by its cover.

  12. Banke Bakare says:

    Let’s worship God in truth and in spirit. If he had not displayed it publicly, nobody would have nailed him, he shouldjt have put it this way. Hmmmm

  13. Engr Sola Yisa says:

    i think im with the writer he got it wrong after reading it from the bible u still support comon what is bad has no other name than it is bad…..

  14. Bola Areh,Omo Baba Jerimoyamah. says:

    The tattoo does not stop the anointing of God in his life, he is a good prophet and revivalist,

  15. Opeyemi says:

    But you can’t judge him, what if he got the tattoo before he become a Shepherd pls think about that.

  16. Adeola Olaniyan says:

    I’m short of words. What would the followers do then?

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