What’s The Spiritual Implication Of Wearing A Title You Are Not Entitled To?

May 8, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 9 Comments »

In the church today, there are 1001 people who are wearing titles without being anointed for it. These people occupy big positions in their various parishes but you will be shocked to know that, some of them have not being anointed for the title they carry about.

It’s not only within the men fold alone, even some female prophetesses and Mothers Celestial have not being anointed, they just wear it and the shepherd in charge will not raise an eyebrow. The situation is so bad that, they think it’s by wearing big rank that determines the level of Holy Spirit in you. When I see people like that, I laugh out loud because quite a lot of them are empty vessels.

That the church is divided shouldn’t be the yardstick to act in an ungodly manner. I know it’s wrong to wear a title you are not entitled to but there should be spiritual implications of it. Our fathers and mothers in the house, kindly help us out, is there a problem with this from the spiritual point of view?


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9 responses to “What’s The Spiritual Implication Of Wearing A Title You Are Not Entitled To?”

  1. Omo cele ni mi says:

    The devil comes to steal the peace, soul and Salvation of careless Christians. The Spiritual implication is to divert the attentions of new converts away from depending on the Holy Spirit. Devil steals/ takes away the Spiritual strength of the matured christians. Holy Spirit is the giver of diverse gift , the more you get to know Him, the more He reveals Himself. He will never take you to the next stage of Spiritual growth unless you have proved yourself worthy. The Holy Spirit grooms an prepares you you can not cheat your way to the next stage of spirituality. Holy Spirit knows that the tempter/Satan is always ready to tempt your spiritual strength, ‘esu ko fe ki enikeni wa wo ile ohun tabi ba ise ohun je’ whenever devil sees a potential threat to his kingdom he goes all out to destroy the soul of such individual. Go and checkout the life of most of them wearing titled garments up and down, the fire of the Holy Spirit in them has gone down, they depend more on ‘ise wooli, ise Alfa, ise babalawo’ for survival. They have gone to seek power where there is no salvation, all they do and want is ‘karimi, emi ni mo wanbe, asan ninu asan ofo ninu ofo’

  2. Zak says:

    Title people give. Holy Spirit God gives.
    Now which one is the most important?
    I will rather keep the Holy Spirit than live in Aso Rock, Queens Palace, White house.

  3. Prophet Bumie Adesina says:

    During the era of Papa Bada, I had a dream where I was told on how to solve the issue of title in Celestial. I was told that every member regardless of who you are must be in WHITE,and we should use the loins ONLY to identify titles. Only prophets should wear four corners. I was told to tell Pa Bada that NO COLOR CLOTHING. I relay the message to Pa Bada, but nothing change. Our leaders has disobeyed God in many ways that has lead to the situation of lawlessness in Celestial. This title issue is used as money making by those shepherd.

  4. Oluwatayo Hanna says:

    From what i know,prophets/prophetesses are been put to test those days before they can be annointed and also,anyone who is due for any rank is been followed by an elder but now all in the name of money….our elders no longer care if you’re worthy of it or not. Cause is on those wearing it cuz they know the consequences but still proceed for selfish interest.

  5. Ajanaku J says:

    The eye is watching them

  6. Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha says:

    Can a policeman wear the uniforms of a soldier? Can a Private in the Nigerian Army wear the uniform of a Captain or Major in the same force? The very day he is caught, they will call him impersonator. Can you impersonate in the ordinary public setting and go Scot free? If they can’t, how on earth do you think they will be free free divine judgements?

    • Nkwachukwu says:

      It is the same thing as creating division in the church by our elder/leaders due their selfish interest.this are part of the things you see in time of problems or division.

  7. MK Kenny says:

    If you wear a rank you are not entitled to, You are indirectly carrying a curse u are not prepared for.

  8. Dami says:

    Curse I see following those who are doing such act

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