When A Prophet Says This To You…Pick Your Bag And Run

September 10, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

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Many people who have been scammed by a false prophet will be amazed at how naive they might be to fall for such prey if they try to describe how they were tricked.

I have witnessed a scenario in which a prophet expresses interest in a specific traditional work known as “Irapada.” This irapada becomes the counterfeit shepherd’s favorite because it allows him to rob the trusting members of their money. When they claim that Irapada is the sole way to solve your problems, such prophets are just trying to get paid.

They would inform you that a large cow is required, of which the intestine would be taken for spiritual activity and the other parts used to feed people. But let me startle you: they make no purchases. Only the gut is purchased when they visit the market. They will inform you that the cow has been shared as alms when you want to check where it was purchased.

There was also a scenario where someone reported that he had paid money for three elephants and one camel to our prophet in CCC and that they wanted to go and kill them in three different states. Those prophets responsible for this are just after what they would eat and wear. They are called emergency prophets.

When a prophet demands payment to provide you with all of these materials, it is an obvious sign that you have come to the wrong location. If proper precautions were not followed, you would be tricked and nothing would happen. Be warned and watchful.


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One response to “When A Prophet Says This To You…Pick Your Bag And Run”

  1. Omo Olorun says:

    If anyone in a “CHURCH” environment tells you that you need animals for a spiritual work; that’s animal-sacrifice. Both you that went along and the person prescribing it are just one breath away from hell fire.
    Repent when you still have a chance, performing an animal sacrifice of any kind is worshipping another god; period, end of story.

    This is not about someone deceiving you for money, this is about what happened next when you take your one last breath.

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