When People Searched The Scripture For Celestial Church Deeds And Acts

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SBJ Oshoffa PhotoGod has always kept His secret from people when he’s ready to surprise them because His ways are not ours. He didn’t show it to Job how his end would be like, despite the fact that Job didn’t curse Him, he later challenge Job when his murmurings were becoming unbecoming if he, Job, knew how He created the heaven and the earth and everything in it.

This is the same thing that happened to Jesus Christ. The vision of His birth was shown to so many prophets, Daniel, Hosea, Isaiah, and Jeremiah to mention a few. All these people gave an account of a child that was to be born and His name shall be called Emmanuel, Saviour, Teacher… etc.

But for Celestial Church of Christ which descended on the 29th of September, 1947, it’s a church sent down from above to the earth to cleanse the world of their sins, but the world, in which it was descended for, didn’t accept it. Just a few do though.

The people don’t want to worship God the Celestial way because God is not hard to worship. When Jesus was alive, His teachings were amazing and very hard to swallow so the Pharisees and the scribes were searching for His teaching in the records of prophets and psalms(just like people search about CCC in the Bible) , so He told them they won’t  find it because everyone that wrote down only testified of what He would do.

Celestial as a church of the Spirit, you can’t use words to search the things of the Spirit (John 6:63)

A testifier is not greater than the one who is the testimony. Halleluiah

Additional report by Lanre Daniel

3 responses to “When People Searched The Scripture For Celestial Church Deeds And Acts”

  1. John Itunu Oshin says:

    29th September 1947 (St. Michael day) is the day Papa Oshoffa had the Divine Order and the same day Papa Oshoffa and our Lord Jesus Christ, emerged. Every thing about Celestial Church of Christ is in the bible. Let’s remember the gospel according to John 14:15 downwards, Jesus made us to know that He send us another comforter “if” we love him and abide by His rules, but it’s by grace we had the Holy Spirit promise. This Holy Spirit operates in three terms, 1. The Pasts, 2. The Presents, 3. The Futures. These three are in the bible, and not everything was written. God is unlimited and the bible is unlimited. Celestial Church of Christ is beyond what to be searching for, and what you are searching for is within you. Even the best scholars will continue searching without end, because it’s the name of God and His dominion.

  2. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    Point of correction again, it is needed to iron facts out from fallacies. Celestial Church of Christ DID NOT DESCEND on Sept 29th 1947, it was THE NAME. Study Celestial History (Blue book) and be more informed.
    Papa had been CALLED since he entered the Godropa Forest for his daily mundane activities in May 1947.
    Papa had been holding this Prayer Session since he came out of the Godropa Forest via Agongue
    It was DURING ONE OF THESE PRAYER SESSIONS, on Sept 29th (St. Michael’s Day) 1947 that a prophet went in trance and gave the message that the name of the church shall be ….

  3. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    My Learned Colleague in the Lord, Lanre Daniel, I beg to disagree with your hypothesis. Have you forgotten that Bible actually appreciates us searching for knowledge? ‘My people perish because they lack knowledge ” Have you forgotten that God commanded the Israeli test to note (learn about) what He asked them to put in the Ark of Covenant, in case their children ask about it at a later date? Any church that can not substantiate her doctrines, rules and regulations with the Bible has no bearing with God. I rest my submission for now

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