When Rev EMF Oshoffa Sang Praises Of Alagba Pius Olarewaju

August 13, 2022 / Alonge Michael / CNOTV / 1 Comment »

Backstabbers and malicious people are not worth your attention not even when you think you are loved and valued by them.

It is always those who claim to love you the most that end up stabbing you from the back. Though it is always painful when they leave you naked because of their selfish interest but the best any good-hearted man should do is to see betrayals as contributors to personal growth.

For a man like Pius Olarewaju and his team who have tried to rebuild the collapsed side of the church, it doesn’t really matter to them where they belong now or how a certain sect views them. They are only concerned with one thing–the progress of the church and nothing more.

Watch the video here;

Why a lot of things that are happening these days do not come as a shock to Alagba Pius and some noble men of the church is because the said mouths that are saying crucify him today once shouted and sang their praises yesterday. So, it is a ‘Judaic’ nature in every gullible man to betray, most especially for a leader whose interest is in treasury, vault, and riches.

So, Pius, a fearless boardroom big cat, humbly coming to give a bit of his wealth of experience to uplift the standards of the church alongside other creative and articulate members, understood these people, the environment they both lived in, and the wrong moves of many of them. Trusting them again is the major problem that has caused the pause in the advancement of the church.

Like an elder once said during one of my interviews with him before the court commenced, one should never force himself to trust someone again, as they may not be able to trust their decisions in the future if that person betrays them again.


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One response to “When Rev EMF Oshoffa Sang Praises Of Alagba Pius Olarewaju”

  1. Alagba Ijo says:

    E M F is a two face wicked soul with no characteristics of a man of God. He had destroyed the peace of the church every where by planting his own puppets as shepherds and HoD.
    If you want any position anywhere in CCC just send money to Imeko you will surely get the position. It is that bad.

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