When Will Prophet Soyemi Say It The Way It Is?

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#cno received a message from a UK-based shepherd who is already casting aspersion on us for the report filed in by our reporter earlier. According to him, he sent me a copy of what Evang. Kayode Ajala posted and compared it with #cno’s submission. My reply to him is if he was at the meeting or watched it online. He is yet to respond.

The truth is, Evang. Ajala and his team never reported all that transpired at the meeting in the circular sent online. He picked the ones they felt should be used and ignored others.

As much as I would have loved to post verbatim who said what, why,  it will be too lengthy an article to read. However, I am going to look into that aspect being said by one of the illegally constituted BoT, Prophet Emmanuel  Soyemi.

In his speech during the meeting held at Ketu International Hqts, Prophet Soyemi talked about the case in Court, that the case is in the hands of those registered BOTs, that they’re the ones threatening the ‘Pastor’. But Prophet Soyemi obviously forgot to add that the truly certified BoT led by Baba Banjo had been calling for dialogue but the EMF team had been deliberately ignoring it. That the meeting at the Km 35 was disrupted because he (Soyemi) lied to Opudu that there was an arrangement to arrest the ‘pastor’ by Alagba Pius Olarewaju and the ‘pastor’ turned back, running from his shadow.

Alagba Soyemi did admit that the registered BoT wrote a letter twice to EMF for a meeting before EMF’s aides now replied. It might have escaped Baba Soyemi’s mind to say to the world that even after Ogudu meeting, the lawyer to the BoT wrote a letter to their team and their correspondence indicated that they were in Abuja where a series of court contempts were being recorded.

Baba Soyemi said and it is on tape, that they called for a peace meeting at Ogudu which everyone gathered for and that one of the registered BOT sat down in the car and didn’t come to join them in the meeting…

Perhaps someone needs to mention the name of the said BoT that Soyemi was referring to, it is no other person but Alagba Pius Olarewaju, who was not anywhere near the meeting arena at all. On what basis would someone come for a meeting and would sit inside his car? It doesn’t add up at all. As a matter of fact, Baba Soyemi has been the brain behind falsehoods that have always come out concerning the man, Pius.

That the registered BoT is the one that does not want peace is another big lie. We all have eyes and we can see, only those who are blind might find difficulty in seeing and knowing what has become of the church today through the aides of Rev EMF.

And on the “any man has right to be BOT from the child till the old age, that only Pastor has every right to remove anyone from the BOT or PIC…”

This is what a right-thinking member of the church said, “the truth is clear and straight. That Rev EMF cannot single-handedly dissolve the Trustees he came to join as a member and being a pastor or chairman you will need 2/3 majority to carry out any decision made.”

It is, however, shocking to hear them at the meeting talking about spending almost half a billion to tile the ‘pastor’ environment when the Basilica is yet to be completed. Is it not shocking that works and projects are placed under Gabriel Oshoffa, someone who wanted to clear the varsity’s surrounding for N50m whereas the tractor which the church could have bought was being sold at half of the amount requested for the clearing at that point in time but because he was denied his request to execute the project, they created issues to send the forward-thinking team out. Nothing has been achieved since the (BoT) except for some portions of land they reported to have added to the Basilica.

How informed are people about Prof Akinterinwa and his Celestial University team’s N100m request to start the University project? And do you know that they were being denied because the Oshoffas were not involved but now almost a billion naira will be released to Gabriel Oshoffa and his team to execute the tiling of the floors within the ‘Pastor’s residence and the adjourning Basilica areas?

This is a big fraud! I hope the meaningful Celestial Church members will rise to this cause and fight the tyranny to a standstill.


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2 responses to “When Will Prophet Soyemi Say It The Way It Is?”

  1. Susan says:

    Sincerely it’s not fair on we the members of this church.
    This humiliations and insult on the name of the Church is too much to bear. God has honestly been patient, but its obvious these people are not ready to change. When are we going to move on from these people permanently? The best for the peace of this church is for God to take them away so that we can peace. This becoming insane.

  2. Chris . A. Ogbaisi says:

    Alonge ! Alonge!! Alonge!!! Leave Daddy wa Shoyemi out of this .. he is doing well afteral he has fulfiled his life time ambition by being a member of the BOT . A positioned he openly said he cannot take ..hmmmm may your loyalty not be tested .
    His utterances dont usually make sense to me because either he talks with arrogance or lack contents to buttress his point .
    Why would any right thinking human being that is lettered say trustees is not till death ? How come they could not remove Baba Owoduni, and the likes until their death ? Why cant Shoyemi read more about Trusteeship Act and its attributes if he cannot research , goggle is your friend enquire from goggle . Why coming to the public domain to further expose his intellectual deformity . His advisers are not doing well common! Voluntary retirement , death , mental illness , declared bankcruptcy , conviction as a result of crime are the reasons that can lead to removal of the Trustee and this also has a process not just one man show . Also , the does not say chairman has higher right or authority over other members rather decisions can be upheld based on 2/3 majority . No law of the trustees recongnise Pastor rather its an appointment being ratified by the BOT in which the governing rule still operate under the law of Federal Republic of Nigeria . CAMA .
    On matter of peace talk , i will not blame Shoyemi for his lies to cover up , rather blame people who sit down to keep accepting deceit and lies as order of the day. Cant anybody stand up there and ask why the Pastor find it hard to reconcile with all aggrieved members of his team including the oldest BOT members , why is Pastor finding it difficult to call for peace himself not waiting for the court ?.
    Has Pastor engage Baba Banjo one on one? If yes what is the outcome ?
    What is his actual motives or what does he stand to gain for allowing litigations linger on at the deteriment of CCC unity .
    Since his inception , what has he done or what effort has he made to bring all factions together ?
    Why is he committing contempt does he think the law is merciful ?
    Why creating problems in other regions / diocesse ,especially Ivory coast, US , UK diocesse ?
    They need to ask him on how will he see himself preaching on the pulpit for peace and unity when by his conduct and action does not speak peace .
    Why does he have to drag Baba Oshin into this mess is his final phase when the man should be enjoying his old age with native foods .
    These are germane questions i expected them to ask him not listening to shoyemi rhetorics . I actually do not want to talk about him rather waiting for the court ruling before he recieves the better part of the war . He should be preparing for dark future because he has set this church aback , sake of his ” emi lo kan ” ambition.

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