Who Has Listened To The Voice Note? Here Is It Verbatim

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The other day we posted a story on homosexuality as it affects the church and the youth, a certain son of perdition left a comment and called us out, both the writer and #cno.

If you would like to know fake Alagba Solomon, the name he used, we are not judging you because we know you can not leave your gay act, it has become a part of you, but we are trying to bring all works of the devil to light. We are not claiming to be perfect ourselves, neither are we here to condemn you but to rebuke the spirit of destruction in you so you can find your purpose in life because anyone who is not in the light is in darkness and they can not see except they come to light.

This is another story of homosexuality in the church. It was a voice note before one of our editors transcribed it and we are posting it word-for-word for the delight of our readers.

“Good evening my boss, you see this particular Parish was the one I discussed some time ago with the manner they are romancing homosexualism especially gay, their prophet, their so-called Woleader in charge is gay.

It is not something that they told me, it is something I am 100% sure of that their Woleader “Tayo” by name is gay. Something needs to be done these people are just falling my hand.

Sir, because as it stands right now I don’t want to push myself more than I can, because if you discuss this matter with the people at the top they would tell you that they would do something about that, after that there is nothing else they can do and they would want to use your head to hit the pillar. After everything, they would now leave it all to you, that’s why I kept low about this issue because there was a time a guy like that “Tayo” committed a lot of atrocities which I reported to the General Secretary which is “Baba Solaja” I reported to him nothing was done about that, he promised to get back to me, ever since, I never heard from him.

If I should talk to him he would say he hasn’t discussed it with “Baba Ajeri” yet. So many people do complain that if they complain about things on that platform nothing would be done, it is not from our own side, assuming we have set up an active Task Force committee they would have started working but it is a pity.”

We are we now Celestial Church?


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4 responses to “Who Has Listened To The Voice Note? Here Is It Verbatim”

  1. Olumide says:

    When a gay is fronting for his associates in ccc , something is wrong , gay is a spirit from the devil that God condemned in the book of romans chapter 1. The spirit is enemy to the spirit of God but why the fire of the lord has not burn it out in the church is that in that Romans gay was mentioned along side with adultery, formication, backbiting , disobedience to parents so if God is to wipe out gay Satan will also ask for God to wipe out the rest in that book of romans which might not remain any.
    The gay man has challenge us let our church move closer to God so that God can be given the right with out partial to remove them from His sacred house.
    It is very shameful to ccc worldwide if a gay can come out openly to say he is a gay and the spirit can’t jump out immediately from him.
    Let us expect more until we go back to the drawing board and do the will of God from the leader to the follower ,until we call on God to install the pastor He wanted not the one we think his fit then He God will still leave us to live with all the shameful spirit.

  2. Leader Wale Adetayo says:

    Leader Solomon, Iam not here to condemn you but correct your statement that being homosexual is natural. Scientific research indicates that LGB Adults have higher prevalence of mental heatlh and there is need for effective policies on inequalities in mental health Joannah Semiyen et.al (2016) – Sexual Orientation and symptoms of common mental disorder BMC Psychiatry 16 Article Number 67 (2016)

    Anybody has the right to choose what he / she likes, it is personal right and choice but once your right infringes the community’s rights, you are at fault. Membership of a particular organisation is subject to your continued acceptance of the laid down policies.Inasmuch as Iamnnot supporting fornication and adultery, they all happened in the Bible, just as homosexuality as well. However, the punishment for homos3xuality was grievious, wiping away the entire cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. We are all after individual salvation but when we refus3 to desist from our illicit activities to the extent of importing it into the house of God, then care needs to be taken. W

  3. Prophet Biyi Adebamowo says:

    Brother Solomon can you private chat me on 08023280784 as l don’t want to comment on this.l expect you to show good example and true repentance l totally disagree with you that being a gay is not bad let us call a spade a spade it is unheard of for you to make this derogatory remark . The image of CCC is my earnest concern as a stakeholder and prophetic voice in the church we must not take caution to the wind why must you said all the members of CNO are hypocrites l take exception to that by the Grace of God l am old enough to be your father.May God forgive you Amen

  4. Leader Solomon says:

    It is so unfortunate that you people in CNO are so ungodly and carnal. It is now you are talking. Don’t condemns homosexuality as if it is a sin for being gay. When all of you in CNO are hypocrates, lack education and exposure.
    Being gay is natural. You can’t stop someone from being gay but You can teach them from being not gay.
    You said it is the prophets that are promoting homosexuality act in church, that one is different. That one is where eyes of condemnation comes.
    Making it look like it’s a cult house.
    Just as you are in CNO could not stop formication and adultery in CCC. You can’t stop homosexuality in CCC.
    Stop fornication first and homosexuality will follow.
    Bunch of hypocrites.

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