Why CCC Should Adopt More Bible Teachings

August 13, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Wordafresh / 1 Comment »


If we had the opportunity to hear some pastors from other churches preach the Word of God, we would be astounded and wonder if Celestial Church teaches the reliable Word of God. ‘Snooze’ teaching is what we practice at CCC.

In CCC, the majority of sermons are solely about enemies—how to overcome them through spiritual work, how to use spiritual work to receive blessings, etc. The majority of CCC members don’t believe in God and only regard church services as rituals. All of this spiritual activity is useless without sound doctrine from the Bible. You won’t always need your shepherd or prophet to reveal things to you if your grasp of God’s word is solid.

Many believers are falling prey to bogus shepherds because they lack access to the authoritative Word of God and are unsure of their place in God’s kingdom. If you don’t know who you are, the person who doesn’t know who he is will tell you who you are.

You can imagine how the spiritual environment we encounter in other denominations sound to us. We will be shocked to learn that some angelic kids have been enslaved by these denominations only as a result of their fervent adherence to biblical beliefs.

Our preachers need to have the ability to deliver sermons that can win souls and change people’s lives. They ought to learn from other abandoned denominational preachers and, most importantly, they ought to ask for forgiveness from God.


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    200 percent CORRECT SIR!!!!

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