Why Celestial Church Should Adopt Anglican Worship Styles

September 23, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / 1 Comment »


We should not forget that when it comes to believers engaging in one or two unworthy habits that do not glorify God, they take place in every denomination and not only in our church.

I suggest there is a need for our church to adopt Anglican styles in our services. There is no doubt there are many elders in many Celestial Church parishes that the members of the church know who they are, either as drunkards or womanizers, etc. It is a pity that such an incident is so pronounced in some parishes among elderly people, who still retain their position and sit during services.

I have seen an elderly person who must be under the influence of alcohol slightly while coming to church for any service, and almost everybody in the parish knows about this, and yet this same elderly person is still given responsibilities to perform in the church.

In Anglican settings, you are not permitted to partake in the Holy Communion section if your mind is not free with your neighbor and you did something wrong before coming to church.

Many people in such a situation may decide to stay at home and not attend church because they are still holding someone hostage in their minds, while others may attend but remain seated while Holy Communion is served. The reverse is the case in out church, Rev EMF, Not etc that are beefing each other led the communion last year, this will tell you that both the receiver and the takera are all bunch of ungodly people.

This right discipline that exists in Anglican settings has helped to denounce what you should not do, which is still passing to the upcoming generations. What are some of the elders in CCC passing to the new generation? With responsibilities to perform in the church despite wayward lifestyles.

There should be enforcement of discipline as a core value in Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. Any elderly person who wants to be cold should be cold and vice versa. Lukewarness is not allowed in God’s Kingdom.

It is assumed that before you can be a leader, you must first be a follower. Genuine spirituality must be the priority before giving any task to any parish elders to perform. This church is diffetent but the elders are indifferent when it comes to doing the wil of God.


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One response to “Why Celestial Church Should Adopt Anglican Worship Styles”

  1. Omo Olorun says:

    “You are not permitted to partake in Holy communion if your mind is not free”?
    What does that even means? Are Anglicans able to see the minds?

    Advice is one thing, but confusing “eyes service” with “the mind” is pointless for a public forum.

    Anglicans, Celestians, Catholics, so on and so forth have fallen very far from “worshipping in Spirit and Truth”. The Day of the LORD is coming to repay, BUT each second of each minute of each day of each year is another chance to REPENT individually and turn back to THE LORD.
    All it takes is a second, the last breath and no MORE 2nd chances.

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