Why Do We Need More Results From Celestial Women Of Faith?

February 22, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Virtuous Women / 1 Comment »

CCC requires some structures to be put in place. Many structures are not working, while some structures are just coming up, and it is very unambiguous. As a result, we should be able to determine whether or not a system is operational.

It is just like you are going to church habitually and leaving a holy life and yet the person still lacks every good thing you could ever imagine. Then, people begin to question the person’s whereabouts in God, despite the person’s stewardship.

More results from Celestial women of faith are needed. Let us not forget that, as part of the Celestial women of faith mandate, they are tasked with winning souls for the kingdom.

The leadership of Celestial eomen of faith should know that many things are expected from them. It is rampant in the CCC these days. You see a shepherd wife bleaching or is a witch, lesbian, etc., and it is very alarming.

Some shepherd’s wives contribute to the fact that their husbands compromise their faith in God by joining the secret fraternity to source more power to enhance the ministry. If a shepherd has a genuine born-again wife with a fear of God, she would help the husband to stand firm in God.

We are tired of seeing pictures showcasing the group on social media, but we need more action and results. Celestial Women of Faith should strive hard to raise giants for the kingdom of God. If they get it right from that angle, it would go a long way to curb the many anomalies we have in CCC.

God bless the CCC as a whole. Our target should be to figure out how to depopulate the kingdom of hell.


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One response to “Why Do We Need More Results From Celestial Women Of Faith?”

  1. Leader Seyi says:

    CCC women of faith are not feeling to expectations because the foundation is broken. They competed with Women Bible study and Prayer Fellowship because of their extreme influence in evangelism. The competition was becoming political and carnal. The foundation is bad. They should stop the competition and support other women group.
    They should stop the competition and focus on their aim and objective.
    They should stop the competition, Celestial Church is not a club, it is a church of Christ and we all must respect and support ourselves in love.

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