Why Do You Need To Be Aware Of Gigolo Shepherds?

June 26, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

He who multiplies women, multiplies witchcraft, according to a spiritual rule of Satan. Most gospel ministers are more aware of the perils of polygamy than Satan, but some of them are demonstrating that they are wiser than Satan itself based on their incorrect interpretations of God’s Word, their upbringing, and the types of teaching that had an impact on them, and the associations they maintain.

These days, gigolo shepherds are everywhere. When they themselves are in servitude, I wonder to whom they can give. When these individuals themselves require delivery and bondage, we turn to them for deliverance, healing, miracles, and marvels. They are everywhere and all around us. Be honest with one another.
Between a woman’s laps lies the wisdom that all gigolo shepherds possess. They just know how to choose a lady who has a wonderful future and begin sleeping with her. In CCC, it’s fairly usual for a shepherd to approach a woman and explain that he was so interested in her splendour because, if he could get her, her glory would be beneficial to him and his calling.

I’ve seen a situation where a shepherd in the Abuja axis begs a woman in his church to consistently attend every service because whenever he prays, he always wants the woman to consistently say “amen” to the prayers he offers, and he assumes that such prayers will be answered because of her affirmation. I’m not sure where these gigolo shepherds acquired their information.

If you are a lady, any glory you may have should be reserved for your spouse and kids. Don’t let all these gimps posing as shepherds create issues in your life. They are unable to give milk, but they may disperse it. They often have lips covered with sugar, and most of them have washed their eyes to see what you were like last night. If you give them your life, they tamper with your destiny for life.

Be wise and avoid being duped. I hope that God would deliver those who have already sinned and restore all that they have lost both physically and spiritually in Jesus came. Amen!!!


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