Why Is This Kind Of New Doctrine Allowed In CCC?

August 24, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 2 Comments »

Greetings brethren, it really bothers me as the face of CCC has been changed with all.kinds of borrowed doctrine. This new act is in almost every parish and event and I’m afraid it may become permanent soon if not speedily checked.

Why is this kind of new Doctrine of yelling In prayer before God so prevalent in the CCC of Today. Is it that The God of CCC no longer hears us?

Or is it a trend that Celestians just feel they need to follow-follow? Are our problems so humongous now that we have to resort to this?

Are we getting better results from this as opposed to when we followed the doctrine of CCC religiously?

Please, can someone give me real evidence that such WAILING before the Throne of our GOD really produces results? I am waiting for a reaction!



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2 responses to “Why Is This Kind Of New Doctrine Allowed In CCC?”

  1. Tayo Joseph Wolima says:

    When you continue to worship a God that you have no reverence for, He will definitely give a deaf ear to prayers rendered to Him.
    Our true God is not hard of hearing.
    Shouting, jumping about and stamping of feet are the attitudes of recalcant children towards their parents.

  2. Alfred Olufunmi ibk says:

    Who is stopping them? who is going to stop them? How are we going to identify a King 👑 without a crown? The palace is in Chao, crown lost authority gone.
    A sinner has no authority because he or she is less or more a slave, more than half of the church now operates under closed heaven.

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