Why Many Shepherds Belong To One Cult Group Or The Other

May 23, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

It is all so discouraging and annoying to see things that ought to be right but are not right. There are numerous anomalies in CCC worldwide, but the so-called leaders appear to turn deaf ears. What do we expect when there are cultists among the church leaders?

Many shepherds are now scared of one another because the real shepherds have been meticulous not to associate with bad ones in order not to be corrupt, tarnished, or be tagged the same. There is no relationship between light and darkness.

It is so surprising that a shepherd who belongs to a cult group is now sourcing for more shepherds to join the cult, which they always come up with attractive means. Most shepherds who are not rooted in God’s Word, or who still get tempted with the things of the world, most fall prey to the hands of these cultists as an assurance of getting power, fame, and money.

Many shepherds will frustrate the calling of any shepherds who say no to them, and some might even go to the extent of killing the shepherd children or the members to prove to him that if he didn’t join them, more calamity on the way. Some shepherds who had no firm faith in God fell into this trap.

During adult harvest, many shepherds cannot attend some of their fellow shepherds’ parish harvests because they know the shepherds who are serving without adding spices to God’s name and those with additional spices.

This is the situation we have found ourselves in this fold and the only thing to do is to join hands in fervent and earnest prayers to destroy all the plans and agenda of all these cult people among the CCC shepherds.

I believe by so doing this, the power of darkness would be eliminated from the CCC completely.


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2 responses to “Why Many Shepherds Belong To One Cult Group Or The Other”

  1. CCC-LOVE says:

    Only the flood of judgement of GOD will free us from this mess. It’s high time Oh Lord to do an Abridged matter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The devil is at work aggressively before the holy spirit chosen one is appointed. The problem now is they have majority and their goal is to have unanimous power to fight the chosen one when the time comes.

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