Why Mathew Ashimolowo Told Mike Murdock Not To Attend Celestial Programme

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murdock-mathew-deleThe last might not have been heard about the Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis Model Parish’s event headed by Prophet Dele Ogundipe tagged Excel 2016 where the renowned international Teleevangelist/preacher Dr. Mike Murdock was billed to feature at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Prophet Dele, who was painful for the absence of the preacher on the programme, said some Pentecostal pastors approached Dr. Murdock to discredit Celestial image and sternly warned the man not to grace the event because of his reputation.

“They called Mike Murdock, saying that he should not come for a programme by white garment church in Nigeria. According to the Pentecostal pastors, white garment churches don’t have integrity, if you come to their programmes you will soil your reputation,”Ogundipe said

Interestingly, Celestial, the largest white garment church in the world should be a place people like Dr. Mike Murdock and others anointed men of God should come to term with when we talk about spiritualism and evangelism. Though, the disunity of the church brought about the image battering the Pentecostal pastors did to the programme and of course to Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide.

Mr. Mathew Ashimolowo, the owner of a business centre called, Kingsway International Christian Centre, KICC allegedly led the team of Pentecostal pastors who blackmailed the glorious church. Mr. Ashimolowo’s animosity with the church was traced to the time one of the sons of Pastor SBJ Oshoffa, the late founder of the church, Ebenezer was once an active member of his KICC in London. The exit of the man, Ebenezer from KICC when he got a vision from God to return to the church he was born with a revelation of Jeremiah 6:16. Ebenezer Oshoffa retraced his step back to Celestial Church years ago and he’s currently  the Shepherd-in-charge of Calvary parish, Ogba area of Lagos.

One of the reasons Mr. Ashimolowo is set out to slander the good image of Celestial is because he was said to be so pained that the man who was saddled with so many responsibilities left his church to take his rightful place in his father’s church, CCC, obviously, no man would smile to a man who plays a pivotal role in the growth of your business to leave just like that.

A lot of Pentecostal churches are mere chain marketers, they are always preaching to people to come to their church, not to win their souls alone but to enable them have a certain number of followership that would make them benefit from the largess of some international religious bodies. This money known as Subventions, are the main reason you see the Pentecostal people condemning white garment churches, most especially, CCC who has over 25 million congregation globally.

Celestial Church of Christ will not have reputation as said by Mr. Mathew Ashimolowo because no Shepherd in Celestial Church has ever been accused of Tax evasion in London. Celestial Church Shepherds will not have reputation as said to Dr. Mike Murdock because no Celestial Pastor, dead or alive, has the record of sleeping with a church member. No Pastor of Celestial Church dead or alive has built a plaza and put a mistress there to operate a lounge where wines, beers and other things are sold.

If no Celestial Pastor has been accused of the above, then what Mr. Mathew Ashimolowo said about the church is a mere misapprehension and a campaign of calumny against the church which does not hold any ground because the real and spirit-filled men of God will testify to the power of God in the church. The late Pastor Obadare of CAC once did.

Mr. Ashimolowo would have won my heart and of course, the hearts of many Celestial members if he had told the reputable preacher, Dr. Murdock to use his coming to the programme to call the leadership of the church to embrace peace and give room for unity to reign supreme and of course, Holy Spirit to operate but he didn’t do that instead he said the man would soil his name identifying with the church. Please tell me readers, what would Mr. Ashimolowo preach if the church was to be his? No one plays God and no one can fight Him, his actions have clearly shown that, he’s not fit to be a leader of a church because he has no sense of direction.

Celestial Church of Christ celebrated 69 a few months back? This is a church that has been in existence ever before Mr. Mathew Ashimolowo was born, yet he has the effrontery to say it has no integrity. What a proper folly! What does Act 5:36-38 say about this church, “Some time ago, Theudas rose up, claiming to be somebody, and about four hundred men joined him. He was killed, all his followers were dispersed, and it all came to nothing. 37. After him, Judas the Galilean appeared in the days of the census and drew away people after him. He too perished, and all his followers were scattered. 38. So in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone. Let them go! For if their purpose or endeavor is of human origin, it will fail.…” For Celestial, against all odds, to still stand like mountain Gibraltar today, 69 years mhen, it simply means that it’s of God. Where is Zoe Ministries today and many others? And someone is telling me that Dr. Mike Murdock would soil his reputation for identifying with it a church of 69 years old! What rubbish!!! If there is any church Dr. Murdock needs to identify with, i think it’s Celestial Church of Christ and not his business centre called church.

With this, it’s about time for Celestial Church of God as a whole to ruminate deeply on issues like this for the advancement of the church and allow Holy Spirit to operate as established by God.

I should really blame the organisers of the Excel 2016 event to have made a wrong step calling Mike Murdock to preach on the programme, this should be a big lesson for Dele too to follow the doctrine and tenets of the church, his idea of preaching Pentecostal in a spiritual church like Celestial has backfired and it’s a real slap on him and his ministry. Reputation issue is at stake here.

My one trillion Naira advice for Prophet Dele Ogundipe is to change the name of his Church to full Pentecostal and remove Celestial franchise. If he does that, I am sure, the next day, Mike Murdock and other powerful international men of God he desires will come for his programme.

Who is Mike Murdock anyway? Just a man like you and I, if you know your onions, you won’t see any pastor as superior. I can bet it, the smallest person in Celestial Church might have more anointing than Dr. Murdock.

If Mr. Ashimolowo truly is a man of God, he should tell us the number of dead people he raised, the number of mad people he had made whole and the number of sick people that have been healed in his church. The good record of Papa Oshoffa is still there till date; even Pope John Paul too recognized the power and anointing of God in him by paying homage to the late saint in his lifetime, can someone tell me who the hell is Mr. Mathew Ashimolowo?

It’s not his fault anyways; it’s the manner in which we have presented ourselves to the public. May God help His church. Halleluiah!!!

My name is Alonge Michael, a passionate Celestial Church member.

29 responses to “Why Mathew Ashimolowo Told Mike Murdock Not To Attend Celestial Programme”

  1. Kofi afagnin says:

    Can churches work in unity ?

  2. femi says:

    it is well

  3. Ola Blessed says:

    Sir Michael Alonge, I really enjoy your train of thought! As someone who loves Cele but has also been a member of Pentecostal Church before, I do see both sides of the fence. You’ve stated some great things here. Honestly, I really enjoyed this article. On the flip side, I wish Cele was as rosy as the picture you have painted. I’m sure there are pastors in Cele that have slept with their members, especially these our highly adorned “Woli”. Unfortunately, they are men who do take advantage of the beautiful gifts of the Spirit for their earthly desire, inside of Cele, just as they do outside as well. Why? Because man has been corrupted with sin. My point is that it’s happening all over Christianity.

    One argument, that I know is prominent in the Pentecostal Churches against our dear Cele is that Cele is “occult.” The say, after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is no need for an altar again. No need for incense. No need for the prohibition of women from preaching etc and women abstaining from church when they fall out. They don’t agree with our doctrine.

    No we as Celestians can disagree, we can comment, but it is ALL TALK! Until we decide to be active. What happened to the many professionals inside of Cele? I was told that when Cele began, it was a worthy title to be a Celestian. Now, their is fighting over position and title and all for what? It is my heart desire to Celestians be prominent people in their respective communities and be moved by the Spirit of God to DO RIGHT inside and outside of the church. If Celestians begin to rise up everywhere (career, business, family), if we are equipping ourselves and they see we know The Word better than they do and we are confident and bold to defend our doctrine and we are a prominent and respected people: 1. We won’t need Mike Murdock. 2. We will have giants of our own that Ashimolowo will hire to come and preach at his churches. 3. Mike Murdock and others, will offer to come to our churches, we won’t have to seek him out.

    • Ola Blessed says:

      and p.s.

      Se bi it’s one body of Christ….? I do disagree with you saying Prophet Dele Ogundipe made a mistake… He gave it a try. It didn’t go his way. Is Cele not supposed to transform the whole world? Well how do you do that when 99.99999% of our churches are filled predominantly with Nigerians, followed by other Africans? Jesus is for everybody my dear brother.

      But all in all, you are right. It is the manner in which Cele presents istelf…

  4. Prof. Bank-Ola says:

    You have raised many issues here in this post. Pentecost is one of the traditions of the Judaism. It has nothing to do with Christianity.
    Celestial church of Christ is the reformed Judaism because Celestial worship was a command by God to Abraham.

    However, we see in part and know in part. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo may not have the revelation of God about Celestial Church of Christ. But, have the members managed what they have seen and know about the church well?

    Do you blame the flies that are flying on a stinking food?

    We need to look inward to do the needful and do it right.

  5. fasuyi tola says:

    hmm! glory to God almighty who never forsake His Church and keep raising soldiers for the growth and continuity of the church. i was glad when i heard about how God has being using prophet Dele even being a young man, it worth what many of Big pastors in penticostal churches may envy in anyway which could have been one of the reasons the envy might have grown to the extent of discouraging a man of God from coming to minister in celestial church of christ for the ways of Godand His operation in the church is mysterious . if Dr Murdock had attended the program it would have being a giant innovation from the side of prophet Dele and a pride to celestial members round the world because we will continue to talk about it years after. But why i feel concerned about this issue is when people see such a program where a penticostal church pastor ministering in celestial gathering as a transformation in the celestial body. in what way could it have being transformation? you’ll rarely see any penticostal gathering inviting celestial shepherds to minister in their programs neither would they in any means not even by mistake to be identified with celestial church nor say any good word or statement about celestial church in the hear of their church members even if they are taking their breath from celestial bodies they would rather be silent than to see any good in the church. moreso to my understanding about celestial church, penticostalism is part of celestial church only that we might have not explore it as it is supposed to be then we have to look deeply into that so that we know where we have to improve and making things better but adopting the penticostal idea we see around will make us to loose the great taste and value of celestialism. pls no blame should be placed on prophet Dele but the elders that are around him can guide him as well. There is one thing i want everyone reading this to know that celestial church does not have anything to do with whatever you might call modernisation or change except we want to choose to continue the church by human knowledge.

  6. Kikelomo says:

    If Mr. Matthew ashimolowo is truly a real man of God…. We are suppose to hear his testimonies of healing the sick and Making the blind to see and also resurrecting the died but we didn’t hear any of this things………… But daddy dele ogundipe heal the sick and also made a died person come back to life which we witness with our eyes and also people heard of it all over the world……..

  7. lets talk... says:

    hello Mr alonge, i can relate with what you have written sir and the points you have made known. it would seem like a sort of humiliation to prophet dele and the celestial body but do not feel that way,it is in fact an indication that the celestial body is making an impact already. As concern the statement made by pastor Mathew ashimolowo,it’s really defamatory, and since there is an alleged vendetta between him n his defunct member,we can only but guess more ….what i am more amazed about is the fact that the same celestial body is condemning one of their own, prophet oladele, is bringing in a much needed change to this glorious body, we are in a time of change and evolution, where norms are being redefined and growth is a must, celestial is growing to become what it oughts to be, the said prophet is an understudy by many, and so far he has been able to meet the spiritual needs of many people across the globe, there is an influx of both young and old Christians from other body of Christ, after all Christ is the reason for us all. prophet oladele is an original of himself and that his why is vision is misunderstood for now, but those that are futuristic and believ in the end time church will recognise what his vision is……and the transformation it’s bringing to this body of Christ.,let embrace him and let’s all grow together, we are in a world now when the ordinary or norms are becoming extinct. I bet you the likes of mike Murdock, ashimolowo etc will eventually reckon with this body of Christ, if this move of renewal, resolidification and innovation in Christendom is dedicatedly pushed. My father was a pastor in the cherubims before he passed away, he has several books of mike Murdock n some of this other great men of GOD, this is to say that, the spirit is one, and in this end time there must be GODLY collaborations, the threat we Christian face out there is bigger than this issue…I know the celestial body is going places and in a journey to achieving much more than it has achieved in 69years, if prophet oladele is initiating this by the will of heaven, nothing will stop him, he is after all unstoppable.in Jesus mighty name. This is my two cents.

    • Ibukunoluwa Akinlehin says:

      @ Lets Talk, I really enjoyed your two cents, well spoken and well put together, may the holy spirit never depart from you.
      In my opinion we as celestial members in the body of Christ have not being able to prove the world wrong. Peoples perception about the celestial fold is based on what they see and hear.
      Let us go back to the drawing board: Have we being able to use our way of life to preach to the world on how to be Christians?
      Do we worship God the way we are suppose to worship?
      Does our life style glorify the name of God?Our dressing, our evangelism, our utterances e.t.c.
      How responsible are we to the work of God, how organised are we when it comes to the work of God. We have not been able to build a house of worship at imeko for years, Our church elders are in and out of court over issues that can be resolved in the church. Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo is not entirely wrong, is he? Please lets be realistic, we need to do a lot of soul searching and revaluation of our selves personally and as a church.
      All God asks from us is our worship in spirit and in truth.

  8. Kikelomo says:

    Mr Matthew ashimolowo told Mike Murdock not to attend celestial programme because he will soil his reputation and lost integrity…….

  9. Daughter of Zion... says:

    Bro Alonge…you have spoken well here sir. Most men of God have their caucus. And they support and respect each other views with full confidence. Dr Mike Muddock and Pastor mattew ashimolowo have their chains of friendship for years….that’s the power of association among them. Which will lack as a celestians rather we pin points “faults”. The way Jerusalem was in d time of Jesus Christ was not the way it’s now…modernization has taken place. Do we have to limit ourselves where Pa Oshoffa stopped? Foreigners are joining celestials….how do we retain them in the church if modernization is not invoked? You claimed that you have heard and read uncomplimentary reports about Genesis parish”. Sir, why don’t u try and visit this parish before this condemnation of adopting other church doctrine?? Am a celestial but stopped over years but am back fully through prophet Israel Ogundipe…we don’t have to continue this arche doctine…with this kind of ministration, God of pa Oshoffa wrapped himself on this prophet. Let there be unity in our midst first so that other Pentecostal churches will not penetrate in us. Let stop selling ourselves out. Prophet Israel means no harm by inviting Dr mike Muddock…more of other Pentecostal pastors are coming to minister in the church. We need to stretch out and stop limiting ourselves. Afteral he also minister in other Pentecostal churches home and abroad…most especially redeemed churches. Pls you have spoken well from the onset but the conclusion is “defamation of character” towards the prophet of God. Thanks

    • I am happy to read your comment. And it’s a good thing that a man has led you back to the church. Kudos to him. But Sir, Prophet Dele is my friend. If you need to know, i have been to the church several times. Some years ago that i graced his harvest, i even declared it publicly that what people are saying about his was not substantiated. He’s my friend, i am sure he will say about me too. But, let me put this straight to you. On no account will Catholic compromise their standard because of modernisation. It’s this same modernisation that has led us to where we are now. It was when Adam and Eve felt they were good enough to change God’s plan that they were cast out of the Garden of Eden. I dont have issue with anyone, anybody can claim to be anything, what God thinks about you is most important. You see, why all these abnormalities reign supreme in this church is because we lack good leadership. It’s not possible a pastor in Redeem misbehave, he gets himself transferred or even excommunicated immediately because they cherish that brand. Why i am so pained that the so called ministers,prophets and landlords shepherd act the way they act is because the church has made no provision for them, so, what do you expect? Anyway, may God bless His church but one thing i want to sign off with is that, if anyone feels he’s not comfortable the way things are about the church, change the Celestial name to something else and continue with your church the way you want it. It’s not a do or die affair. They bring stain and all sort of defamatory comments to the church. The revelation of this thing i am doing came to me 20 years ago, so i am not moved or deterred at all.

      • Dipo Oyefeso says:

        Thank you my brother. I have said it at various fora that the doctrine and mode of worship in celestial church is unique. If anyone wants to change or compromise it, the better choice is to set up his own church where he can fulfill his calling. Many of what they are introducing into the celestial church are being done in either protestant or Pentecostal churches yet, God descended celestial church to clean up their shortcomings with tenents and mode of worship. Let there be no controversy celestial church must be celestial church, no more no less.

  10. remilekun says:

    Who is Matthew Ashimolowo. Most of this Pentecostal Pastor came from white Garment background, now they all preach heresy to blackmail white Garment. May God forgive dem. Christianity is One. Jesus is One. Now in Nigeria Christianity is Politics. God Bless Genesis. Keep moving the Lord is your strength. Amen

  11. Olaide says:

    Whether the world likes it or not, they will surely bow before the GOD of Celestial. Halleluyah!

  12. yomi Newton says:

    The church CCC is complete and no amount of name calling would affect it ! God is perfect in His ministration and He knows how to deal with anyone that defiles His Holy Name.
    Awakening call for the members to know their calling and be proud of the church by acting as behove Christians, we can’t keep on saying we are Christians when we behave otherwise.
    Mike Mudrock has his own reservation otherwise he wouldn’t have listened to man’s directives but God’s assignments. To me , the prophet has done no harm by invitation ,all is in a bit to make the church encompassing and accommodating to those who disguise to attend the church . We are all aware of their nightly visitations to church when they are in dare need and result to having testimonies in their Protestant churches without reference to the white garment Church.
    God is not mocked , let the wheat and the shaft grow ,the moment of weeding is so soon and the cleaning would demonstrate who the true worshipper is. My home take is that we should thoroughly search and clean ourselves to make us acceptable to God not human pass mark. As for Matthew Ashimolowo , he just demonstrated that fact that he can never be God , he is simply a wistful man looking for relevancy that he can never have. No need to join issue with him ,he is better ignored. Better things to do my brethren.

  13. David Olufowora - Berlin Germany. says:

    Alonge Michael, God bless you. The “gang-up” by Pentecostal started long time ago. We Celestians, including the shepherds that were around before and after the call to glory of Papa Oschoffa (of blessed memory) really know that all of them will bow before God of Celestial. Song.. Bi gbogbo aiye dite mo wa, won gbodo teriba fun Oba Oluwa..etc, therefore let all of us that have benefitted and still benefitting from the glory of Celestial Church Of Christ continue to wax strong and stronger in the spiritual environment God has gracefully bestowed on us. Ma sise lo mase wa Isimi. Ma furugbin Olukore mbo. Challenges or no challenges, CHRIST IS NEVER DIVIDED.

  14. Temitope Ogunnaike says:

    May the God of Celestial church increase our understanding to know more of him in this church. Halleluyah

  15. YungMarshal says:

    Thanks Mr Michael Alonge For The Wonderful Write Up It Really Inspire Me So Much… Though No Where In Celestial Rules And Tenants Which States That Celestial Should Not Join Hands Or Mingled With Another Denomination But Plz Let’s Our Shepherds And Prophets In Celestial Folds Have It At The Back Of Their Mind That It’s Not Just Any Pastors Or Man Of God From Another Denomination They Can Just Invites To Their Churches And Programs.. Plz This Is The Last Boat Of Salvation We Have To Be Very Careful… Halleluyah

  16. Jade says:


    It is ordained by the Holy Spirit that:
     1.Members of Celestial Church of Christ are forbidden to engage or participate in any form of idolatory, fetish ceremony or cults, blackmagic and charms. Exodus20:3-5, Leviticus26:1, Jeremiah25;6, ICorinthian6:14-15.

    2.Cigarette or tobacco smoking or snuffing or any type of weed smoking or snuffing is forbidden to members of the Celestial Church of Christ. Reference below in NO.3

    3. Consumption of any form of alcohol,
    wine or any strong drink that can intoxicate is forbidden to members of Celestial Church of Christ as the odour of all these-cigarette, tobacco, alcohol, etc-are repugnant to the presence of the Holy Spirit. Leviticus10:8-11,Proverb20:1,Habakuku2:15,ICorin.6:9-10,Romans13:13,Luke1:15,7:33.

    4.Consumption of pork or any food offered as sacrifice to idols or other powers of darkness is forbidden to members of Celestial Church of Christ; Revelation6:12.





    9.Female members are forbidden from entering the altar area or leading the congregation in worship: ICorin.14:34, ITimothy2:12-14

    10.In Celestial Church of Christ, only white candles are to be used. Coloured candles are Strictly Forbidden Revelation4:5, Zachariah4:2, 11,luke1:9~11, Revelation1:12-20.

    11.Fornication and adultery are forbidden in the Celestial Church of Christ; Exodus20:14, Matthew5:27-28.

    12.Holy is the Celestial Church of Christ and all who worship in her should endeavour to be clean in body and in soul. Leviticus11:45, Ephesians1:4, 1Peter1:15.'

    13.Nobody shall be considered a member of the Church until he has been baptized in the Celestial Church of Christ, irrespective of any previous baptism(s) in any other Christian denomination(s). Acts19:1-6


  17. A Celestial Hopeful says:

    "I should really blame the organisers of the Excel 2016 event to have made a wrong step calling Mike Murdock to preach on the programme, this should be a big lesson for Dele too to follow the doctrine and tenets of the church, his idea of preaching Pentecostal in a spiritual church like Celestial has backfired and it’s a real slap on him and his ministry.

     Reputation issue is at stake here. My one trillion Naira advice for Prophet Dele Ogundipe is to change the name of his Church to full Pentecostal and remove Celestial franchise. If he does that, I am sure, the next day, Mike Murdock and other powerful international men of God he desires will come for his programme"

    How does inviting another man of God to a church program turn out to preaching Pentecostal? 

    Why would an Ashimolowo not tell a Mike Murdock not to associate with a Celestial Body if this is the kind of judgment you pass on your fellow celestian? 

    Is Celestial Church of Christ Now a secret coven that others are not allowed in? 

    These aspect of your well thought of write-up has only raised concerns in the mind of CCC hopefuls. 

  18. Queen says:

    Dear Mike,
    I share your passion for our great church and was loving this write-up until the part where you related this issue to the tenets and doctrines of the church.

    Sir i cant remember any part of the doctrine of this great church that says “We are not allowed to mingle or invite other men of God to the fold for the sake of evangelism" bear in mind I stand to be corrected if sure phrase or clause is in our book of doctrines and tenets.

    That said I can remember if history does me alot good that the Pope visited Papa SBJ Oshoffa in this great fold and Papa also visited other churches where great works of God were manifested through him.

     I'm sure you wondering what is my point, Sir Christiandom regardless of what we choose to tag it Penticostal or White Garment churches I believe we are one in Christ so if one Pastor chose to poison the mind of a man of God from associating with another part of Christain then we should channel the blames to the right quarter.

    Prophet Israel Oladele Genesis was only extending an arm of evangelism to a fellow man of God to come experience worship The Celestial way.

  19. Prophet (Dr) Solomon Ayoola says:

    I cherish your post may Jehovah continue to empower people like you to spread the good news about the CCC world wide thanks again and keep it up!!!!!

  20. Tobi Gabriel says:

    Dear Alonge,
    As much as i understand your pain. Pls forgive the information or the genuineness of the information and the principal actors. Celestial don’t need extras or why add more.? We must understand our mandates and not mix it with educational spirituality. We need the true spirit that comes as given by Almighty. if you want external body to show union with other brethren in Çhrist I suggest Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I am sure he will honor with all sincerity.

    • Bro Tobi Gabriel, thank you very much for your submission. It’s already stated in the write up that Prophet Dele equally shares a portion of the blame for the flaws of his event. Why trying to bring borrowed doctrine into the church. I have read and heard so many uncomplimentary reports about his parish that i felt really bad about. He’s a young, dynamite and vibrant evangelist, who would have been a useful tool but for his adulterated doctrine that has made him made his character questionable. He should follow the way the doctrine was given to him without deviation. The fact that we lack leadership doesnt warrant that anybody can do anything haphazardly. even the so called constitution that the many pastors lay claims on to be calling themselves pastors has been audaciously violated with impunity. A catholic doctrine remains same, why trying to change change? I am sure the disunity in the church has caused these errors we are now witnessing. Celestial is all about tradition which must be religiously obeyed. God then is God now, so, no transition can change that. What i want all these evangelists, ministers, shepherds who try to do it the other way to have at the back of their hands is that, they are all riding on the brand name of Celestial Church of Christ, let them convert the name to something else and they will be nothing, they will see the difference between Coke and Zobo. I rest my case

      • Ibukunoluwa says:

        @ Michael Alonge permit me to say that you have started to sound more like one of the Pharisees and Sadducees. You have started sounding like you want to fight for God which you can’t do. You have done a good write up, you have put up a good fight, you have made a point clear but do not start to judge or dish out blames, because at this junction is where you start to sound guilty. You need to be careful so you don’t sin against God. If we claim to be the church with the mandate to purify the world and we start restricting ourselves from interacting with non celestials, or we restrict ourselves to interpreting the doctrine the way we want to understand it then how do we want to fulfil that mandate.
        The blame game and misinterpretation of the doctrine are one of those things that draws us back as a people in the celestial fold. “Ofin ati ilana” are rules of engagement, this doesn’t mean you can’t do other things that are good or that glorifies the name of the Lord. Looking closely at the tenants, it all revolves around serving and worshiping God in spirit and in truth.
        The Catholics that you are making so much comparison to are actually flexible and change some of their ways. They didn’t used to do revival before now they do, they where not into Night vigils, now they do Night vigils, the same thing applies to the Anglicans. If there are more glorious ways of winning souls for Christ and Papa did not hand them over to us those that mean God can not raise someone else to do it or if it is not in the “Ilana” it can not be done.
        Most everything in celestial be all cast and stone. Even Papa wasn’t given everything at once.
        Please drop the hypocrisy, the blame game, the castigations, the pointing of fingers all what not and lets all model Jesus Christ to the world by worshiping in spirit and in truth.
        No amount of right up, or shouting will solve or change anything.

  21. Ogo Ijomimo Christ Proclaimed says:

    A house built on the rock of our Lord Jesus Christ would stand against the storms that would come. That which was built on the “sand” of human wisdom would suffer a disastrous collapse. As for Mike Murdock, let him be wise to know that there is no more all-encompassing command in the New Testament than to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Long live Celestial church of Christ.

  22. pro gabriel ajigah says:

    Hoooo, dis is great GOD of papa Oshoffa is still alive…

  23. AHOLU SOLOMON says:

    wow I love this and may God help us in his fold……

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