Why Some CCC Shepherds Are Very Stingy

May 27, 2022 / Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

Gone are the days when a special offering was taken every Sunday to assist the poor who came to the church for one reason or another.

A church should be a place to get help at the point of need or distress, but not so in some parishes. Most parishes are only interested in what you can give, not what they will give.

Many Pentecostal churches are known for this act. They are known for lifting people, and when you are lifted via the church, then you can lift others. I know of a saxophonist who worshipped in a church for the first time and after the service, he was called into the pastor’s office and the pastor inquired about what he did for a living. This brother was jobless at that time, but to cut the story short, this pastor helped this brother to secure a job for this brother in one of the top government agencies in Nigeria and the brother has brought many of the church members into the system. This is how the church is supposed to be.

Some CCC shepherds are very stingy compared with pentecostal pastors. They hardly help the needy or young people in the church who need assistance, and that is why youth move to other churches and exist CCC. No support for upcoming artists… even if they want to have the best part of you, they are not ready to help. They help women more than men because they can get a variety of sexual benefits.

Shepherds who fall into this category should have a rethink because by so doing, you are still winning souls for Christ. There is no one you help in a small way who won’t see you as a semi-messiah and this is a great strategy for winning souls for Christ as well as advancing the Church of God.


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