Why Some Celestians Are Scared To Worship In Another Parish

May 23, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »


Celestial Church of Christ is one and wherever you are either in Nigeria or anywhere in the world Celestial Church is one because we serve One God under One shepherd and one Lord.

Nowadays Celestial Church is something else whereby Celestians are now scared to visit other parishes and bow their heads even to eat their ipese is very dangerous because of so many fetish shepherds and prophets the church is filled with now.

Many Fetish Shepherds are now in some parishes to the extent that Celestians find it difficult to visit the nearby parish to worship even when they’re not financially buoyant to transport themselves to their own parish. They rather stay at home and believe that their prayers will be answered.

Where are we going to in Celestial Church?

The church of God is no longer safe So many altars have been polluted with fetish things including Mercy Land. It’s now the concern of so many Celestians not to bow down in some parishes now.

Shepherds are seeking help from powerful people in the dark world to gain more membership in their Church. With this development, many Celestians are scared to bow down their heads even when they go to other parishes for harvest.


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2 responses to “Why Some Celestians Are Scared To Worship In Another Parish”

  1. CCC-LOVE says:

    As long as we have so many pastors these issues will continue. We must pray GOD to bring the flood of judgement as quickly as possible to fear no more fake pastors, prophets etc…

  2. Concerned Celestian says:

    This is also the reason they should stop transferring shepherds from one pariah to another anyhow. If you’re running from evil shepherds by staying put and they suddenly transfer a fetish shepherd to your parish. Now what so you do?

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