Why Some Sunday School Children Are Unhappy About Their ‘Iya Eso’ When It Comes To Juvenile Harvest

May 30, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

Children are the heritage of the Lord and they have to be treated equally and not be biased.

Most Children complain that they feel unhappy when they are being neglected and treated unequally in the Sunday School.

Most ‘Iya Eso’ are being biased towards many children in the Sunday School when it is nearly time for the juvenile harvest and most children complained to their mother about being replaced by another child who hasn’t earned the position given to them but with power.

Most children tell their mother that when it’s like 2 to 3 weeks to the Juvenile Harvest that their ‘Iya Eso’ will, from nowhere, pick up a child from one of the famous elders in the church who hasn’t been present in school and practising with them to replace them.

Sometimes many iya eso in some parishes select the shepherd’s son ahead of those that are punctual in the Sunday School which is making most of the children angry without the Iya Eso knowing.

When Children like this come out to pour out their minds, that means it has eaten them up to the extreme, many Iya Eso in parishes in Celestial Church need to stop this act for love and harmony to continue to exist among those children in the Sunday School.

Even gifts are being given to some elders’ sons or daughters just to compensate their parents or something, this has to stop too because most of the children are not happy with unfair judgement being done by many Iya Eso in CCC.


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