Will Going To Abuja Bring About The Solution To Our Crisis?

March 12, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 4 Comments »

Sequel to the invitation of our leaders to the Special Fraud Unit, SFU, Milverton,  Ikoyi Lagos for questioning over some alleged financial misappropriations, we hear in the city that there is a fresh angle to the whole saga. Whispers informed us that the petitioner seems to have taken another step further intimating the superior force in Abuja to look into the matter. Why that?

Methinks the people at SFU here in Lagos are capable of handling this matter amicably without going to the Oga at the top except of course if the case is more complicated for them to handle. For the sake of prosperity, we cannot continue to run to secular/civil authority whenever there is a need for us to iron out issues. In biblical era, the church was superior to the government of the kingdom, matters from outside the domain of the kings were brought to the Levites and by extension the church to help solve.

Let our elders sheath their swords and embrace peace. If we continue to drag this too far, the same coffers of the church might suffer for it because no legal luminary will offer a pro bono service where the issue of misappropriation of funds is involved.

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4 responses to “Will Going To Abuja Bring About The Solution To Our Crisis?”

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Caleb Anifowose ccc Badagry says:

    Its absurd to hear the calibre of Otunba Segun Aina perpetrating forgery and fraud in CCC as exposed by CAC Abuja, Baba Banjo was also informed but did nothing till this issue boomerang. How will a person of Segun Aina who has a parish built at ijeshatedo in lagos be used in fraudulent act. Well they invited the wrath of God and they are now seeing it prior to 70th anniversary.Papa Oshoffa in action. These are the sets of Negative people Pastor Emf Oshoffa Associates himself with. Same birds flocks together. Is Baba Banjo really following what he has been preaching at all using small boys to dent his image or aspiring to become a pastor. From reliable source on Baba Banjo’s motive. The issue of huge withdrawal of money for personal use by Pius Olanrewaju and Pastor Emf Oshoffa means a lot as a new song is sang by Pastor Emf Oshoffa that pius said this and said that? What is happening between P and P? Now that the petitioner is also a member of same Trustees has demonstrated that they arent birds of same feather. They owe we celestians explanations. It was alledge that Pius Olanrewaju bail himaelf and others with the sum of 2 million Naira at SFU in Milverton which made Ayo Shonekan o be jubilating at ketu, Whose purse is that 2million naira coughed out? Now Devil is at work asking all shepherds to pay return back to ketu doing several meetings now because they need money to fight case of corruption which they pertrated. Who is fooling who in celestial? If ypu people are in right senses and doing the right, do u need to bribe with 2million. Will the Buhari regime support you on fraud and forgery? Time will tell. Go back to God for forgiveness. Stop obeying text messages broadcasted to all HOD asking for their support and financial aid to accompany them to SFU Milverton.. They only need accused or defendant to explain hidden facts and not HOD Supporting thieves and fraudsters. stay clear and let Police investigate or be charged to court. Abuja SFU may have reasons for calling for the case file since Buhari is Back. Happy 70th anniversary Reharsal to Ketu Trustees opening of secret coded account domiciliary having huge amount perpetrated by Pius Olanrewaju and Papa EmF. Who happened to be the only signatory

  3. Sylvanus Aihonsu says:

    Papa Pastor Founder said and I quote “e pa ofin ati ilana ibi to ijo ba te do si mo’ – obey the rules and regulations of whichever city the church may be established. Those in the corridors of power and at helm of affairs in the church had erred and hence subjecting the church to ridicule

  4. Olumide says:

    Me I don’t believe in any amicably solution at all let the SFU solve it. I don’t believe it can be solve in house, who are those that will be on the seat, those that paid a lot of bribe and loyal to the pastor council to get transfer to bigger church?. Since papa oshofa death we have never mould any good thing or structure on the foundation He left so is better or the stupidity built on it be demolished. See if God wait for the people in the church to sit down and solve it and was not able to bring any solution for more than 30years it is not a bad thing at all if the law will solve it for us. The spiritual is greater than the lord if they are on the right side but in the case of CCC we are on the wrong side so the law is greater than us, to my own best opinion the court is the best choice now.
    Jesus says agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.Matthew 5:25‭-‬26
    So the only settlement that I believe can settle this case without SFU is for the people in question to tell us the truth of all the fraud committed from inception and also pay back the whole money or seized and freeze their account, demote all of them to brother until they refund all what stollen from the house God.
    If they don’t want that then SFU is the best option then.

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