What Will You Be Remembered For In Celestial Church Of Christ?

November 23, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

papa-oshoffa-popeHymn 694… Ka sise fun iwenumo emi wa k’oluwa file wa pelu wa…

Ka sise fun ijo Jehovah

Ka si ran ti orun mimo (Let us work for Jehovah’s great church)

Have you ever stopped to think about how you will be remembered? I mean, when you are gone and folks stop by your grave or sit around in the house and talk about you, what will they say? On the other hand, you might wonder if you will be remembered at all.

So many people have died in this great fold without making any positive impact.

Papa SBJ Oshoffa’s works are still in something a lot of us are benefiting from till date despite the many years of his demise. We are all still enjoying the Grace-Luli that descended for us all in 1947

You don’t have to be like the late founder, SBJ Oshoffa before leaving a legacy worthy of emulation. Let me remind you of a man just like you and I who was called too, despite his short time on earth, he left a legacy that quite a large number of people are today making huge sum of money from. His name is Olubukola Olomola a.k.a Baba Ara. He died about nine years back and till date his songs still remain evergreen in our choirs just like our hymns. The songs are new every morning like morning dew.

Personally, I can’t count the numbers of people claiming his Arole’s till now, you know why? Because he left meaningful messages to the world. What do you want to be remembered for after your departure from this sinful world? Back-biting? hatred? Arrogance? Making jest of others in the church? Unproductive servant? Showing off to the less privileged? Barbaric and irrational attitude or what?

Individually we have our calling as a member in this church, some are Prophets, Choristers, Side Men/Women, Ministers, Revivalists, for some people, they’re so blessed to bless others but they have failed to fulfill that obligation, that’s why there seems to be poverty in the church. Check yourself out and do the needful. Jeremiah 6:16

It will be a slap on your face if you have come to this world empty without making an impact, without dying for someone, remember, a man who has nothing to die for, has nothing to live for. You’ve got to make a change today, it begins now. Your positive impact is needed. Imeko is there for you to look into, fill the necessary holes and see what you are getting back in return.

Stop thinking like an ordinary people because you are in the midst of giants to rule the world.

May the Lord give us the wisdom to discover the purpose of our calling into this great fold. Halleluiah!!!

I Am Fisayo Joel.

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