Winner’s Church Choir Head, Collins Gideon Caught In Gay Act (Photo)

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gay-winners-chapel-choir-minister gay-winners-chapel gay-winners-chapel-choir-minister-0Wonder shall never cease. It is obvious the world is coming to an end soon. The most painful aspect of it all is that, those who are expected to win souls for the Kingdom are the ones whose hearts have been arrested by the Devil. May God help us.

According to a facebook user named Sapele Olofofo Unugbragada, he wrote:

This is Minister Collins Gideon, a student of Otefe Polytechnic. Yesterday he was caught pants down with a fellow male. According to our findings this guy is a fire brand minister of the gospel, when he stands singing the Glory of God comes down from heaven.

But according to the law of destiny, those who God calls to use, Satan marks to destroy. He was forced to continue for Pictures to be taken. I pray he bounce back to life. Those who took the pictures shouldn’t have done that, they should have fed him with the true words of God or probably bring him to our Church, CCC for spiritual counseling and not the one they claim  to do that holds no water.

3 responses to “ Winner’s Church Choir Head, Collins Gideon Caught In Gay Act (Photo)”

  1. harrison kess says:

    Please I will like the celestial church to understand, that before you post any information on your site, follow it up to confirm it source geneuiness. The pictures you have there is clearly a set up,those one person commit homosexuality two must be involved why is the face of the other person not shown please kindly take this off your site it does not speak well of your church.

  2. Samuel Ayotunde says:

    What is the business of a celestial blog with a gay member of a church. If other denomination condemn celestial church I think the best we can do is to keep criticism of other denomination from our act, this is when we show the love of Christ

  3. Adebayo Michael says:

    @The writer.
    please and please – I will not like us to be going beyond what is not our consider
    Because, our celestial news board is meant for celestial bodies information to know what and what to be done to make this church the last boat of salvation..

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