HOW I WISH Love Of Money Hadn’t Blinded The Spiritual Eyes Of Our Leaders!

March 6, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 2 Comments »

Omo Cele ForibaleHow I wish we never had any fraction in Celestial Church of Christ, so as to abide in one doctrine without confusing ourselves?

How I wish we could truly demonstrate in accordance with the love song we sing day in, day out in our hymns to one another?

How I wish there was still a thorough combine training (spiritual and moral) for all of our Prophets, Shepherds and Church workers?

How I wish most of those who now rushed for titles follow the due procedures before getting the next anointment?

How I wish the love of money hadn’t blinded the spiritual eyes of those who sit at corner dashing out our precious anointment so as to quench their taste and hunger?

How I wish Papa Oshoffa was still alive and apply some salient rules that will guide most of our members who are hungry in making this church great?

How I wish we could focus on how this church would be back to its original state before we started planning on the 70years Anniversary?

How I wish we could bring back the love of 1947 where we would all sing “Ka so wo po, ka so wo po, pelu ife mimo”?

How I wish we still had the fear of our symbol and logo in our heart (The rainbow and the eyes which means God is sitting at the Altar watching everyone of us)?

How I wish we could all celebrate December Christmas Convocation in one city without division of worships?

How I wish we could all think about the future of this great fold, rather than protecting our ego and ranks?

How I wish our harvest still maintained its aims and objectives than the present show-off and owanbe setting whereby pastor now display alcoholic drinks during harvest?

How I wish we engaged more in Kingdom advancement so as to achieve the mandate of cleansing the world like we do sing?

Until we start thinking along this line, then we should be well assured that our Church would stand tall among other Christ denomination.

It begins from every single member of this Church. Changing Celestial Church Begins With You and I. (Both male, female, young and old).

Welcome to your month of unstoppable breakthroughs in Jesus name.

I am Prophet Akintunde Segun

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2 responses to “HOW I WISH Love Of Money Hadn’t Blinded The Spiritual Eyes Of Our Leaders!”

  1. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    How I wish too but I know and i believe all will be well again

  2. OluwatoPraise OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

    Wisdom word Egbon but without a REPENTANT HEART all these wishes are nothing but a WISH.

    YeyeOlomoPlenty JesusBabe1luv Cares for CCC.

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