Woman Of Faith…Woman Of Fear

March 11, 2022 / Adeyemi Nimi Opebiyi / Virtuous Women / Add Comment »

Every woman wants to be celebrated, both the good and the bad, especially on occasions like International Women’s Day.

Even the so-called Christian women that won’t stop tearing people down with their mouths want to be celebrated. Those that won’t bring peace to their home or fulfil all their marital dues in the name of equality also want to be celebrated.

We have some Christian women whose attitudes make people question their faith. Likewise, we have the Amazing ones whose attitude will draw you closer to God. Where do you belong?

Are you one of those people who are scared to approach? The ones that can’t even influence the younger generation? Or the ones who act and always lead people to Christ?

Esther being a virtuous woman encouraged people with her faith. Her faith being quickened by her uncle saved the Jews. I hope you learnt from her story?

Can we trust you as a woman to act right when you get to a place of authority; And not become a fearful person?

Women are the strength of the world, if you as a woman finds yourself in the Christian world, let it reflect in you. Let the world know. Do not let the name of the Lord be mocked because of you.

Be a good influence on the younger generation, Let the world see you and call you a virtuous woman.

We still have about three times to Celebrate women before the years runs out, They are lights that cannot be hidden.


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