Woman! This Is What You Should Prepare Your Daughter For

May 18, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 4 Comments »

I really hope that one day we will learn to balance the counsels we offer women in our society.

If we can convert a quarter of the marriage counsels we offer our females, to counsels on Wealth creation, Job creation, scientific advancement, Political progression, Global Leadership etc., we will have more fulfilled women in our society.

Do you not know that there are so many frustrated women, who are married and unfulfilled because marriage isn’t the ultimate passion and purpose of every woman.

Can we not tell females that their brains are superior to their vaginas?

Can we not teach our daughters from childhood that they can achieve anything they set their minds to do?

Can we not show them that marriage is not what makes a woman a Complete woman?

Bearing a child doesn’t also make a woman complete. A person with a functional brain is a complete person; every other thing is a plus.

Can we for once redirect our girl-child’s mind from marriage to Personal wholeness and fulfillment. All the lectures from mother, father, church, school, society that bother on, ‘qualities of a good wife’, should be minimised.

Let’s tell them, that there is much they can do with their minds, not just preparing for marriage. We limit what they can do with their minds by teaching them that marriage is all their lives are worth.

Marriage is good, but our women should have lives. A woman is not created to be married. She is created to fulfill her purpose. Marriage should be one of the avenues through which purpose can be fulfilled, it is not the purpose.

While teaching her how to wash, cook and war-room; teach her how to make non-marital impact.

With the counsels we give women, one would expect marriages to be much better, but it isn’t because those counsels are quite dishonest.

Honest counsels are those given to both genders- the male knowing how to be a Real man and the female, how to be a Real woman. Anything short of this is aberrational. It isn’t the Woman who needs marriage most. Marriage is good for both genders, so marital preparations should be made by both.

Give the women the right information, and allow them decide whether to marry or not.

It is a form of abuse to start conditioning a woman’s mind from childhood to get fixated on marriage. A Woman is first female, before she Might become a Wife.

Nothing more to add my brother

By Victor Ibeh

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4 responses to “Woman! This Is What You Should Prepare Your Daughter For”

  1. Ruth says:

    Very True.
    Most Sisters see marriage as ultimate yet lagging behind in areas beneficiary to humanity.
    God help us.

  2. Anuoluwapo says:

    Hopefully you are not one of the ruthless elders that also patronizes them and expose their immature hearts to this irritating act by also demanding sex from them at their tender teenager years as soon as they move out from sunday school to the adult parish- and have genuine financial challenges that their biological parents could not bear at the time.

    Especially those of you shameless chairmen n wealthy elders in the church who do not believe in helping people genuinely , rather you take advantage of the situation after you pay their psaltery school fees or waec fees. They begin to have the idea of the tit for tat trend and grow up not believing in themselves but rather on what their bodies could yield to them. So point your fingers in the 2 directions sir @Famakinwa.

    There are so many made and financially independent ladies today in celestial church contrary to your own belief sir; and so many of us doing celestial church proud in our various careers and endeavours both in Nigeria and overseas.

    Pls let’s quit painting our church image bad in the sight of the larger society. There’s a cliché around “cele girls” already, why still spoil their image the more? How about the greedy, randy, adultery possessed elders in the church?

    Please let’s be realistic and preach Christ to the world. Every denominations have their ills…but they hardly spread their dirty linens in the open like we carelessly do in Celestial church.

    My opinion.

  3. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I agree entirely with the authors views. Our girls have been taught that they need the help of a man, to get on in life. Then she starts with getting gifts from men as a teenager and then sharing her favours with numerous men over time. She is the left with nothing to show for her ‘runs’. When she gets older she chases men, married and single for monetary gifts. She would then come to church to pray for a husband or life partner. When all she needs is to use her God given brain to advance herself. Ruth worked very hard as a labour in the field of Boaz in Ruth 2:2-9 before skill and output on the field caught the attention of Boaz. It was not ‘bottom power’ first. This is a lesson to our girls and daughters. Work with your hands. Not on your backs. 1Timothy 2:9-10 adjures our women in church to be modest in their dressing and be known for GOOD DEEDS. 1Peter 3:3,4 wants our women to release the hidden Man, the potential in the girl child. Similarly, Proverbs 31:13-31 describes a very industrious and busy woman. Working with her own hands, running a profitable business and supporting the efforts of her husband. Those are the skills a girl needs to acquire before leaving her parents home. Not face painting, asking various men for calling card credits and Iphones.

  4. Mrs Ola says:

    ?????? kudos to writer

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