This Won’t Appear On Your Certificate

November 18, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 1 Comment »

certificateSo, you have always begged your children’s school to allow you pay school fees in installments. Sometimes, these children have been sent home for lack of payment. Never mind, they’ll finish one day and it won’t appear on their certificates that their parents owed many times.

You that you have failed courses and carried over and even had to repeat, by the time you make good grades and leave the school, it won’t appear on your certificate.

Your mates are making it and smiling to the banks and you’re wondering if your time will ever come. With prayers and determination, you too will make it and it won’t appear in your bank account after a while that you were once a broke person.

You’re struggling to build that house and you’re buying blocks and cement in bits, when the house is finally finished, it won’t show except you tell people that it was not built in a day.

There are bound to be failures here and there but once there is life and there is God, then those failures won’t show in your successes.

Keep praying. Keep hoping. Keep working.

These are the things that will show in your life.

Have a wonderful day.

One response to “This Won’t Appear On Your Certificate”

  1. Sesan Alaba says:

    This is wonderful, very short, straight to the point, accurate and motivational. Hope the writer can develop more on this.

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