Worryingly, The CCC Church Is Gradually Becoming A Ceremonial Church

June 18, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

Without offending anyone, the truth needs to be told and there is no other to describe the many shepherds and prophets who have sold out the church heritage so cheaply. Many of our so-called modern shepherds, prophets, and prophetesses are more in flesh and gradually putting off the Holy Spirit with some of their attitudes.

Shepherds are now the people leading in spraying money in the church, these are supposed to be men of honour but they have thrown their honour and sanity to the dogs. What example are they setting? It is really worrisome.

I could remember vividly that the main reason we close our eyes during prayers is mainly concentration. We should not be distracted while praying to God. Many shepherds and prophets are the epitomai of distractions to the members of their church, unknowingly.

How would prayers be going on in the course of service and a shepherd or prophet, who is supposed to be a role model, be busy giving different postures to snap in the course of service? What legacy are you leaving? I am not saying snapping pictures as a shepherd is a bad idea, but it should be done after the church service and never in the course of service.

Some shepherds and prophets are even dramatic. They would indulge in this unacceptable act by making it known to the people that they are snapping by changing postures. This is a very wrong idea in the house of God.

I hope it is not too late for our shepherds and prophets to take good leave. Enito ba ni eti ko gbo ohun ti emin so.


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