Is This Worth Raising Eyebrows At?

April 3, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 1 Comment »

I got this message from one of the readers of #CNO on a story, ‘The True Enemies of Ketu’ and I am obliged to make an observation via this medium.

Seriously, I do not know which of the Pastor’s aides that might have done this but I think we can’t totally condemn his idea of making a female youth to do the last prayer since that day is dedicated for the youths.

Below is the comment made by Evangelist Daniel F. Ogedengbe

This is revealing! Another area of challenges Ketu needs to address speedily is this issue of some of these boys that are working in Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa ‘s pastoral office who are now going round some of ‘mushroom’ parishes spreading and propagating information contrary to rules and tenets of Celestial Church of Christ claiming they are mouthpiece of pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa whereas they are not part of decision makers in the church neither are they part of respectable and experienced elders that know much about the church, they are just mere employees in the pastoral office.

But they continue to cause confusion in the fold by imposing wrong information that run contrary to the rules and tenets of the church, misrepresenting facts and usurping pastoral power outside the pastoral office where the concerned worshipers and elders of affected parishes do not know that they are not and can never represent our respectable pastor.

Imagine one of them saying a female youth should pray closing prayer in a REGULAR Sunday Service that has a written guideline in our Order of Service book, just because it is called or tagged Youth Service – NOT Youth Anniversary ooo. I wonder why he did not go further to say a male youth should collect thanksgiving from us and do final grace inside the church in lieu of the shepherd.

As if that was not enough he went further to state that since a female child prays closing prayer in Juvenile Harvest , a female youth should also pray closing prayer in youth service that coincides with our Regular Sunday Service . The boy in question can not differentiate between an ANNIVERSARY and a Regular Sunday Service, regardless of whether it is tagged Youth Service or not. I was even expecting him to say that since women having their periods come into the church auditorium during harvest celebration ( whether juvenile or adult) they should also come into the church during REGULAR Sunday service because it is tagged Youth Service

Definitely they are “The True Enemies of Ketu International Headquarters” and God of Celestial Church of Christ will uproot them before they spoil the church and the legacy Papa Oshofa left behind for us, True Celestians, Amen.

In God We Trust.

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One response to “Is This Worth Raising Eyebrows At?”

  1. PEACE says:

    God of Celestial Church of Christ is Ever Faithful and Ever Sure…..May He teach us how to make our Heavenly race count positively…AMEN

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