What Is Wrong With This Thanksgiving? (Photo)

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Cele ThanksGivingYes, it’s good to give thanks to the Lord and “be joyful always, pray at all times, be thanful in all circumstances. Saying thank you to God is, for many, both a duty and a delight.” Whatever your faith or beliefs, it’s a good thing to thank one’s creator. So, for us at #CNO, we really don’t see anything wrong in thanking the Lord with whatever you desire, telephone, rice, house, car, goat, hens, laptop, cars, just name it.

For this people, they are thanking God the best way they know how to thank Him. Is there anything wrong in that?

Since about two weeks that the picture hit the social media, it has become a top subject of discussion. What do you think too?

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25 responses to “What Is Wrong With This Thanksgiving? (Photo)”

  1. clefic olayinka says:

    I mean bringing it inside d church is wat am saying

  2. clefic olayinka says:

    is not wrong but bringing inside d church we talking about ,is not it at all

  3. Zee says:

    There’s absolutely nth wrong with d offering.

  4. fisayo Ezekiel says:

    Nothing worrg

  5. Evang Abraham sulaimon says:

    It is good to thank God the Bible net me that we should come to see presence with thanks given but in celestial church we love Thanksgiving that people we see that am the person that do it net net lean how to do our Thanksgiving in security with our shepherd. (Mathew 6:1-3).

  6. Bro Victor Omoluwa says:

    Nothing is wrong with given thanks to God in any form as long is from your whole mind to God.

  7. Youngtolysblog says:

    Nothing is wrong with this..

  8. Rotimi says:

    Is not wrong thou but Paul apostle say I might do something which is right but if it my leads the faith of my brethren astray then it have to be dropped,the offering shouldn’t have being brought inside the church or better still turn it into money because of other people faith.

  9. Pro Dayo says:

    Rite All D Ways, Nd 2 #Jimoh Is Only Money Dat Cn Only B Taking 2 D Alter Nt Ram…

  10. vicky jimoh. says:

    to me u can offer anything that pleases u to your maker,but in ccc doctrine live animals can’t be brought in,because they may excrete or urinate,and these things causes a place to be polluted. offerings are taken to the alter after prayer,will these animals also enter the alter? if no,then there is no need bringing them into the Church auditorium. ijo mimo no go bajeo.

  11. Akinnuoye Araba Nla says:

    Abel did the same and his offering was accepted.noting wrong in the offering but many people need to understand what christinity is,it is far differ from personal thinking.offactory cannot be kept outside but brought to God presence as Solomon deed.thanks

  12. kayode iye ccc wonderland parish says:

    there’s nothing bad der..
    bt for bringing it inside dat is wrong..

  13. Oluyomi S.A. CCC Isale Araba Ayetoro. says:

    As for me o, i dont see anything bad in it at all, once pastor founder SBJ OSHOFFA can accept it.

  14. Adeoye oj says:

    Hmmm, I once witness this type of offerings nd thanksgiving during the period of pastor founder at ccc Itire . To be candid with you all , he personally accept it and went away with it in his car at the end of the service.

  15. Evang Akinola c c c olomore abk says:

    There is nothing bad at all to make offering to appreciate is essence in our live.but all this are to be or stay put outside the church. Or is this how holly sprit direct if not, Celestial of nowadays should be aware and careful. Thanks

  16. Enikanosaye I.M.O says:

    There’s nothing wrong in this thanksgiving but far better to be done in secret before the shepherd:

    1. Not to kill the spiritual morale or zeal of those who are financial incapable to observe such thanksgiving. Either we bring those materials in open or not our thanksgiving will be accepted in as much it is done fearfully in God. It is more honoured when we keep in mind the well being and continuity of our brethren in Christ… IJohn 2:20-21, Romans 14:13-18

    2. We know CCC of today wherein most of our doctrines are being manipulated negatively. As time goes on, such thanksgiving being given much room across the church in large, people will start to abuse it by bringing gifts not allowed inside the church: alcohols etc… And many will be doing it out of a haughty and naughty countenance; and pushed to manipulate or exercise authority over the priesthood ordinance of the church.

    Nothing is wrong but let’s consider its future’s demerits to salvage the scriptural and cultural doctrine of the Church.

  17. omowunmi says:

    2 me d offerin is nt wrong

  18. Rm Olumakin says:

    The offering is not wrong, but bringing it inside the house God is what’s wrong, the ram and Rouster should have been tied outside of the church. Let’s do away with mundane doctrines and embrace Jesus Christ as the offering that can not be replaced. Galatians 4:8-20

  19. Rm Olumakin says:

    The offering is not wrong, but bringing it inside the house God is what’s wrong, the ram and Rouster should have been tied outside of the church. Let’s do away mundane doctrines and embrace Jesus Christ as the offering that can not be replaced. Galatians 4:8-20

    • Nosa says:

      Very correct sir, thank you

    • Zee says:

      Can i know y it shldn’t be brought into the church? All offerings brought b4 d Lord with a right mindset are acceptable. As long as ure sure that ure bringing ur offerings b4 God as a medium of appreciation not show off even if they were unclean (so to say) God has made them clean. Right or wrong? That’s left 2:God to decide. Let’s all look beyond d surface.

  20. Mr gbenga CCC cow seller abule oko says:

    Is nt wrong atall is even d type offering and thank our God desire from us,and its even establish in bible to thank him wit these item

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