Yah Rah Sarah (Kindle The Light) Why It Is Important

May 17, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Code Of Conduct / Add Comment »

Nowadays people have taken the most important aspect of our Sunday service with a non-challant attitude. Many youths don’t understand why it’s a must never to miss the bowing of the Head even elders now come late for service.

The Church is growing more in strength and glory but the sad truth is not all members are growing with it because we have formed a new habit of kicking against the laid down doctrines and tenets of the church.

Gone are the days when members gather in their full regalia at the entrance of the church, joyfully waiting for the commencement of the glorious service of the day. We were always filled with joy and gladness to appear before the throne of Grace because we understood the mighty power of our God who sits on the throne but in these present days Celestial, our parishes are filled with churchgoers and not true worshippers.

The idea of coming to church is a routine to some and not to wholeheartedly meet God then you wonder can the miracles of the olden days still happen now with our attitude toward God.

One of the most important periods for all prophets, Visioneer and dreamers is the period where the light of the altar is being kindled, this is when the Hymn, Yah Rah Sarah is rendered. We need to understand what the bible said in Revelation 4:2-5 KJV

Immediately the Yah rah Sarah is being rendered that same spirit of God beams its immaculate light to every holy altar in the world. During this period, every form of darkness in and around the whole church is rendered useless.

As a prophet or someone spiritually gifted, you should be whispering a little silent prayer as the candle is being kindled. Prayers that will prepare you and purify your heart and soul for the service. Prayers for connection and a clear path to receive and talk to God. Prayer for insight and wisdom in His word. Prayers for victory and spiritual growth.

Note: This prayer must be short and must stop immediately after the candles are fully kindled. This is one of the best ways to advance and acquire more gifts from God. At this point, you are connected to our divine source in heaven and make it easier to hear clearly from God for the service.

Are you among those who still spend their Sunday morning sleeping at home and entering the church by 11-12 pm? Change today.

May God bless us all


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