Yes, We Have JUJU In The Parish….But Anu Ajayi’s Claim Is False- Elegbe

April 28, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 1 Comment »

In continuation of New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester’s reaction to so many claims by V/M/S/E Anuoluwapo Ajayi, Babajide Elegbe says, “This is one of the parishes that is very welcoming, accommodating above all there is no discrimination of any kind whatsoever.

It was the same way I was welcomed, was also the way Anu Ajayi was welcomed.

The Shepherd to me personally was welcoming and accommodating and I am sure he extended the same arm of friendship to Anu Ajayi.

For those who know the Shepherd well. He doesn’t and can’t stand dirt of any kind whatsoever. Most times, He sweeps the church himself, cleans the Altar, prepares the church for Sunday service, washes the toilets and bathrooms.

This can also be confirmed by those who have witnessed it or for those of us who are always there very early in Sunday mornings to assist before 10am

The same way he (Anu Ajayi ) started working in the church, was also the same way I was also working and many others.

The Altar of CCC New Jerusalem Parish is Anointed, laid down by the Lord and truly the Lord dwells in the Parish and Altar. This can be seen in the abundance of Blessings and good number of worshippers during weekly and Sunday service.

Yes, we have JUJU in the Parish. The JUJU we have is GOD! HE is forever Present, He is the OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENCE, OLUBUKUN, ONISE IYANU, ONIBU ORE and that is why the parish is being Blessed in all ways. Spiritually, financially, physically. Etc. from inception till date.

Finally I personally and I believe many others have been a partaker and also a testimony that truly there is GOD in CCC New Jerusalem Parish Manchester, Truly there is GOD in CCC and if you worship HIM in truth and spirit and Pray to HIM He will surely ANSWER you.

Olu ijo mimo ko ni fi wa sile, ko ni fi ijo e sile. A de ma gbo wa ni gbogbo igba ti a ba ki gbe kpe ninu ijo Jerusalem . Amin”

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One response to “Yes, We Have JUJU In The Parish….But Anu Ajayi’s Claim Is False- Elegbe”

  1. Aiyetan sunday says:

    I imagine why people who claimed to be a man of God engulf their minds with evil, Mr alonge I am ashamed of you for calling your Shepherd an accommodating person,owolabi is a demon,devil incarnate, a lawless fellow. I think is atrocity cup is full and God is ready to send him to hell…(jail)..Mr Michael you can continue to call an assassin your Shepherd but a true celestial member will nail him to cross because if he can do that for the sake of envy,is unworthy for him to lead a congregation. Let emulate disciplines in other church, if it was an ordinary member who does that ungodly behaviour, we can still be fair in our responses but a man who should be worthy of emulation’s now appears to be so …….devilish… I even had tape record showing how maliciously he had fornicated with sisters in the church and how he impregnated one sister.All this evidence will be levied against your Shepherd in the honourable court of law…..inform him to get a competent lawyer

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