You Can Go To Club And Still Be A Good Christian- Yomi Henry

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yomi-henrySaxophonist of style, CEO of Sax Republik Entertainment and Blessed Trinity Crew, Yomi Henry sure has a strong point here but not many people will subscribe to his submission.

The graduate of Lagos State University, Ojo who has been playing sax ages said singers or Christian entertainers can actually go to the club, mingle and not get mixed.

“If musicians were properly taken care of by the Church, I’m sure they won’t play in clubs . But then we judge musicians because they play at a secular place and yet we work in secular places such as banks, courts, etc…they are not owned by the church. Musicians have a Job, either to entertain or to lead you to worship and a good musician should be capable of doing the two.

Think about Lawyers who defend criminals and then bring tithe to church. It’s all the same we just don’t see it like that…The only time it becomes wrong is when the musician begins to partake in whatever sins are being committed at that time. You can work in a club, collect your money and still live right…God bless us all.

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