You Can Take Everything Away From Me But This…- Baba J.D. Nunayon

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That Most Superior Evang. Jacob Deji Nunayon, JDN is one of the favoured men that received the blessing of the late pastor founder is an understatement.

The patron of Rehoboth Group of Parishes, London, US and Nigeria, Baba Nunayon, while speaking on ‘JDN Online Radion’ during the Harvest’s music concert at CCC Oke Ado Parish, he disclosed that no matter what anyone takes away from him, the spit of Papa SBJ Oshoffa upon his head can never be taken away by anybody.

Here is what he said, “Yes,  Papa Oshoffa put his spit on my head twice. It was in Mokola, then I was praying for a miracle to buy my sewing machine and equipment, So, he sent a word to me that I should see him at Mokola, I was so disturbed because I had no money to see him and carry out whatever assignment he wanted me to execute.

It was while in the thought of this that I reluctantly went to see him, and when he sighted me, he said he would want to send me on an errand but that I didn’t want to go. I lied I said no, I will go, Sir, later he said but you were angry because you didn’t have money. I was shocked, so I went to deliver the message but to my total dismay, two people borrowed me money to buy my sewing equipment that day.

When I later met him, he asked me to kneel, he prayed fervently for me and put his spit on my head three times. So, anyone can take anything from me but that spit, it is forever and ever. Amen.”

That is how Baba JDN ended the story and later moved to the place reserved for him where the rest of the concert continued.


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