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Paying tithe, providing for the needy, and helping the poor is not enough and do not have much reward other than providing and supporting the hands that labour for you to become who you are today.

I do wonder when some people tag their mother and father as witches, and as a result of this assumption, they neglect and abandon the parents to suffer. This is the parent that would have prevented your sojourn on earth during pregnancy, but they gave birth to you, nurtured you, gave you the best education within their reach and made you who you are today by extension. The only way to pay back such parents is by labelling them a witch and abandoning them in their old age when all their power and strength are gone.

Many sons and daughters are something else when it comes to fetching for their parents in the village. Some are even ashamed to associate themselves with their aged parents, and you want God to bless you with a long life. Study and meditate on what the Bible says about neglecting your parents at old age.

If you allow the hands that fetch for you from childhood to adulthood to suffer, the punishment is huge.

When was the last time you sent money to your parents in the village, dear readers? you are a philanthropist in the city, while your own parents are impoverished. Some sons and daughters are just wicked, callous, and heartless naturally to their parents, and this is a wake-up call for parents to take note of such a child that would emulate such attributes when they grow up. The signals are always there when they are small.

To my friends, brothers, sisters, and daddies, let us remember our aged parents wherever they are, put them on payroll, care for them, love them, and never neglect them under any circumstances. What goes around comes around.

If you care for them in their old age, their heartfelt prayers will go a long way in your life and make your harvest visible. Don’t wait till you have millions, but fetch for them from the little you have.

If you choose to neglect your parents, such a child will suffer soon or later. A word is enough for the wise.


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